Happy New Year 2021!

Hello everyone, and happy new year!! Although we are still cleaning up from 2020, the world is ready for a better year. In fact, many reported hearing more fireworks than ever when ringing in 2021. With the distribution of the vaccine, we will once again be able to live our lives as we please. Here’s to a better year!

New Year, Better You

You always hear about “new year, new me”. But this is how resolutions fail so quickly, ending in some serious cognitive dissonance. Instead, just focus on improving one aspect of your life, whether it be your lifestyle or personality. Having one specific goal will help you stay on track and will be more realistic to accomplish.

Need some ideas rather than go to the gym/eat healthier? How about working on your professional self? Look at LinkedIn and take their relevant courses. Study more words to expand your vocabulary. Re-evaluate the information you currently take in from news and social media. Adjust your following to align with a more intelligent circle. Or, maybe this will be the year you step out of your comfort zone and go after that dream job you’ve always wanted. With a changed job market, now is the time for new beginnings!

Other resolutions you can try to adopt is keeping a journal. For example, I personally decided to write down recipes that I love and will go to often. It’s much easier than using a smart device and having multiple cook books. You can also try managing your items better. Go through all your stuff as if you’re about to move and chunk out anything that you can’t connect with anymore. On that note, when purchasing items, ask yourself if you really need it. We don’t realize how wasteful we are with money until we realize that $40 shirt was only worn once and now it’s just taking up space. Be more realistic with your items!

Also as we proceed into 2021, we would like to acknowledge and remember the hardships of last year. 2020 taught us many lessons- the importance of financial security and companionship. 2020 also taught us not to take anything for granted- life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness were all challenged. Now, we will take it back and live the way we were meant to.


Thanks for reading RWC’s first blog of the year! Let us know if you have any New Year’s resolutions in the comments below. Make it a great year, or not- the choice is yours. Happy New Year!


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Best Professional Podcasts to Follow

Staying at home more means more time to listen to podcasts! There’s a podcast for everything: news/current events, Hollywood, and product reviews. Here are the best podcasts to follow for professional inspiration.

woman in brown coat holding white ceramic mug


  • The Internet of Things. Stacy of IoT runs this podcast about Internet trends. She covers influencers, news about corporations, and more. So, give her a listen for the latest on Amazon and computers.
  • Jeff Bullas. As a chief social media expert, Jeff could give some advice. Also, he offers services to help boost websites.
  • Melinda Emerson. An advocate of small business, Melinda inspires hope for those just starting out. Additionally, she gives advice on managing a new business.
  • NowThis News. Because this is a digital news source, they interview guests on their podcasts. Stay updated on current events.
  • Follow NPR for their Business Story of the Day. Featuring stock market reports, major lawsuits, and more. They have several choices of podcasts, so you’ll never run out of stuff to listen to.
  • For Apple podcast listeners, try out Ace Weekly. He encourages entrepreneur ways of thinking.
  • If you just want a quick podcast fix, then 10 Minute Entrepreneur is for you. If you need more than 10 minutes of Sean, then pick up his book.
  • The Tim Ferriss Show. Tim invites guests onto his show to discuss business happenings and tips. In fact, he’s one of Apple’s top podcasters.
  • Impact Theory goes beyond just business. They explore psychology, personal stories, and other personal aspects that aren’t always noticed in the industry world. They also interview well-known people, offering more insight into human behavior.
  • Here’s one for the ladies. The BizChix inspires women to navigate their way through a male-dominated workforce. Here’s to equal pay!

person using black laptop computer

While these are all good podcasts to follow, what’s important is listening to podcasts relevant to you. Listen from the experts on how to run your new business, how to gain following on social media, and more. Feel free to comment your favorite podcasts!

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gray Nest thermostat displaying at 63

Tips on Saving Energy in the Winter

As the temperatures drop, the heater turns up. Here are some tips on saving energy during the winter months.

snow covered plant and road in front of cafeAlbeit, it is easier to save on energy during the summer because you can use the heat to your advantage, such as drying clothes. However, it’s harder to do so in the winter, especially if you’re cold all the time (like me). But, now is the time to enjoy cozy sweaters!


 The Heater

There’s a reason why dads are finnicky about the thermostat. After all, it’s the biggest contributor to your electric bill. Here are some ways you can save that heater from running all the time without freezing yourself.

  • If you live in the southern US, then chances are you may not need your air on every day. Try turning off the air (or put it on 70) on a warmer winter day then turn the heater back on at night.
  • Turn it down at night. As you build up body heat through the night, your cooler house will keep you from waking up in sweat. I like it at around 71 or 72, however some like it at 67!
  • Socks. Most of your body heat escapes through your feet. A good pair of socks will help retain that heat, keeping you warm.
  • Turn it down when cooking. The stove/ oven puts out a lot of heat so your heater doesn’t have to.


Other Appliances

If it’s a warmer day, use it to your advantage. When you dry clothes, dry them most of the way then let air-dry. Insulate thin windows or those with drafts to keep the cold air out. However, on a sunny day, keep the blinds open to let the sun’s heat in. Also, consider using energy-efficient holiday lights. Cover outside faucets, fireplace (when not in use) and outside vents.


white and brown pine leaf and dried leaf

We hope this post inspires you to be more energy conscious. Saving energy can help your bills and the environment. And, it will also save your AC/heater unit some strain, making it last longer. Thanks for reading! If you’d like to find more energy-saving tips, check out this article.


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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Redwood Creative!

Hello readers! As we wrap up the year, we would like to send out our warmest wishes for happy holidays! We would also like to end the year with thanking you for all of your support. Every click counts! Thanks to you, the team at Redwood Creative, Inc. is ending the year on a good note.


assorted-color-and-style ornaments

Season’s Greetings

We want to encourage and inspire positivity in order to keep the holiday cheer alive. Despite the tough year, we can only learn and be more appreciative of what we do have. This holiday season is important for reaching out to loved ones and make them feel appreciated. And, after a year of complete mess, we all deserve to kick back, relax, and enjoy ourselves. Speaking of relaxing, traditional hot chocolate is out and hot cocoa bombs are in. You warm up milk (of your choice) and simply drop in the ball and stir. It’s a fun way to enjoy the classic hot treat. Some get fancy and give your hot cocoa a S’mores twist!


This season will be different, but in good ways. Drive-thru holiday lights are popular. People are enjoying the luxury of being able to stay inside their warm car as the car crawls through mesmerizing lights. Some people even admit that they’re relieved that they don’t have to host a party. And, with shopping being more difficult, expectations for presents are lower. Therefore, figuring out what to get everyone is far less stressful.


hanging snowflakes paper decor

Again, no matter what December holiday you celebrate, we hope it’s a good one. And, remember to spread cheer as well- you never know who may need it! In the words of Elf: “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear.” Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, Happy Boxing Day, and Happy New Year from all of us at Redwood Creative!

Happy Holidays everyone!


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1 U.S.A dollar banknotes

Joe Biden’s Tax Plan, Short & Long Term.

Since there seems to be some confusion about Joe Biden’s tax plan, we decided clear up on the matter. This is not to support or diss Biden- it’s simply information. According to his website, there will be two tax plans, one to be effective immediately and long-term plan.

First, his strongest argument is not raising taxes on anyone who makes less than $400,000. Instead, they will possibly get a 0.9% decrease in after-tax income. He is adamant about taxing billionaires and corporations, taxing them 28% instead of 20%.  Middle-class families will generally be unaffected. Additionally, taxes will fund The Green New Deal, healthcare, and support our workforce. In the long run, his tax policy will raise $3 trillion dollars over 10 years. Biden also plans on facing the national debt crisis.

Biden’s Tax Policy

For income taxes, there will be regulation of itemized deductions. The upper class will receive less tax deductions, while farmers can claim their agriculture tax refunds. The top income tax bracket will adjust to 39%. This aspect of Biden’s tax policy will align closely with Obama-era policy. Lower-class will have to pay little to none.

There will be changes to the housing marketing. Such as, first-time homeowner buyers can receive up to $15,000. Many care acts will expand: child care, elderly care, and veterans receiving better benefits. Biden will offer tax cuts for those being environmentally friendly. Such as, driving an electric car.

So, how will the policy affect our paychecks? Since social security is dwindling down, he plans on upping Social Security taxes on those making over $400,000 by 12.5%. Otherwise, no government taxes will affect paychecks.

Due to the complications of the race, not much more information can be found. We will have to wait and see how land & agricultural, sales, and other tax aspects will be affected.


It is important to note that while one may not be taxed more directly, they could indirectly. Since people fund the corporations, it is ultimately their funds that get taxed. Also, within the decade, Biden’s tax plan could generate revenue of about $3.3 trillion as well as decreasing the GDP 1.6%. You can read more about Trump and Biden’s tax plans and how they will affect you and the economy here.


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landscape photography of black mountain

2020’s Environmental Actions (US)

Now that we are at the end of 2020, let’s see what environmental actions happened throughout the year in the United States. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Clean Air Act. Over the past 4 years, the Trump administration scaled back on environmental regulations. Find out about air and water quality, animal welfare, and more.

Air & Water Quality

woman in blue denim jacket holding white smartphoneAlmost half of the American population live in a pollution-infected areas. Roughly 6% live in nearly inhabitable levels. While the months of March-May brought relief to the air, it was short-lived. Air quality continues to rise progressively. In order to improve conditions, drastic fossil fuel emission measures need to take place.

As far as water, conditions are not much better. Americans consume mass amounts of water. Therefore, it’s difficult to keep up with the replenishing rate.  Thankfully, America’s drinking water is considered safe overall. Although, Flint, MI still needs clean water. says you can read about the water quality in your area here.

Our oceans are going through changes. This year’s hurricanes stirred up trash and washed them up on our beaches. Additionally, beaches are slowly receding due to melting glaciers. This year has focused on coral reefs ever since the Great Barrier Reef suffered. You can help clean the oceans at 4ocean.


Animals & Plants

While marine wildlife is affected by overfishing and pollution, there is good news: Florida is aiming to help save the turtles! In fact, many coastal states are making way for sea turtles to safely hatch and make their way to the ocean. You can read more about our marine wildlife here.

According to The Wildlife Society, maybe global warming won’t be too disastrous for polar bears. They could evolve to adapt to their warming climate. However, another concern is invasive species. Lakes in Southern USA are strongly encouraging boaters to clean the invasive Zebra Mussels out. Invasive plants

As for the trees and other plants, the increasing awareness of deforestation is encouraging new planting. The American Chestnut tree is making a comeback. Through genetic engineering and planting, the tree will not have to face extinction. Elm trees are re-entering the scene as well.

We can contribute to a better environment by reducing waste. Such as, being conservative with energy and opting for reusable products. In addition, check your state’s parks and wildlife page to adhere to wildlife legal limits. We hope to see better environmental actions in 2021! Check back with our blogs for more information about the environment and energy status.


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Happy Thanksgiving from Redwood Creative, Inc!

Hello reader, and happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Redwood Creative, Inc. Now and all throughout the year, we are very thankful for our supporters and readers. We are also thankful for each other. As a small team, we appreciate one another’s hard efforts. We are appreciative of every aspect and factor that makes Redwood Creative, Inc who we are today.

Also, the biggest thank you goes to our medical workers. Doctors and nurses- you deserve to rest for the holidays.

Good Things That Happened in 2020

We know some unfortunate events unfolded this year, so here are some things to be grateful for. Hopefully this will raise some holiday spirit. Note- we are not invalidating or dismissing personal struggles. The purpose is to shed some positive light, even if just for a minute.

  • Helping out- some distilleries used their alcohol production to make much-needed hand sanitizer. On that note, there were many instances of people stepping up to help their fellow Americans. Thank you everyone who made homemade sanitization products and face masks for their community.
  • Drive-in movies are coming back- they should have never went away in the first place! Six Flags Fiesta Texas got creative with their parking lot turned into drive-in movies by projecting the movies onto the cliffs that hug the park.
  • Automobile companies, such as Ford and Tesla, produced medical equipment. Other big companies, such as Apple, donated millions to the medical field to help pay for testing kits.
  • Curbing boredom and tapping into creativity! Thank you to everyone who shared funny and amusing content of the no good they were up to. Such as, recreating famous paintings and sharing recipes.
  • Wal-Mart and Target are closing on Thanksgiving day to allow their hard workers to be home with their families. Many thanks to all the businesses that are being extra considerate of their hard workers this year.


Wishing you a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Even if the whole family couldn’t get together, you can count on the Redwood Creative family to be thankful! We would love to hear what you’re thankful for in the comments.


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Happy Halloween! (1)

Happy Halloween from Redwood Creative!

Leaves are falling and owls are hooting into the night- it’s the spookiest time of the year! Happy Halloween from all of us at Redwood Creative. We’ve conjured up a few good movies for everyone to watch, and summoned a few activity ideas. Also, if you didn’t know the history of Halloween, now you will.

The History of Halloween

Dating back 2,000 years ago, the Celtic people (the first people of Ireland and the UK) would celebrate Samhain every October 31. This festival would mark the end of summer, days of harvest, and have some fun before the dreary winter struck. Most importantly, at Samhain, the Celts would light a bonfire and dress in disguise to ward off spirits. Then, when Christianity began to take over in 700 AD, Pope Gregory III declared November 1 as All Saint’s Day. Therefore, October 31 became All Hallow’s Eve, then Halloween. Jack-o-lanterns have a Celtic origin too, although Americans popularized using pumpkins to carve the faces that would come to life by candle.

Scary Movies & Halloween Night Ideas

If you haven’t watched all the classic horror films, sit down with a hot apple cider and see why people are always dying to see these movies. Afterwards, lighten up the mood with these activity ideas.

  •  It. A classic movie adaption by horror novelist Stephen King about a mad shape-shifting clown that defies time. The original adaption was a miniseries (1990) starring Tim Curry, while Bill Skårsgard brings the evil clown back to life in It Chapters 1 & 2. 
  • The Orphanage (2007). Not to be confused with The Orphan, this little-less known Spanish film and it is full of secrecy & suspense. It’s about a mother who moves with her son into an empty house that was once the orphanage she grew up in. It has a sad yet heart-warming ending.
  • Hereditary (2018). This one’s got it all: ghosts/demons, gore, jump scares, and psychological mind twists. You’ll be terrified to hear anyone click their tongue again afterwards.

If you need to lighten up the mood afterwards, try making this fall-inspired alcohol-free sangria, with notes of apple for that warm autumn feel. Or, if you’re ready to eat something other than candy, try out these Halloween dinner recipes.


Witching you all a very happy Halloween! We hope it’s full of your favorite candy, jack-o-lanterns, and awesome costumes. Be safe and watch out for the boogeyman!


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SEO text wallpaper

What is SEO?

Without SEO, your audience will never be able to find your website. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is what determines if your page will be on the first or 10th page in Google search results. By perfecting your website and effective advertising, more traffic will come to you. The more your website sees interaction, the better your SEO will be. There are several factors that contribute to optimal search results.

How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

There are four different types of search: local, image, video, and voice. Search engines send out little bots to go through websites and categorize them into indexes. Then, the search engines will list the sites in each index according to ratings, website quality and configuration, and traffic. Search algorithms will tie what is put into the search engine and retrieve articles with most keywords. In return, the websites with best loading times and link slugs will pop up first. Search engines also consider the device being used, and will bring sites that are mobile-friendly up on mobile browsers.

How To Be a SEO Guru

The most important thing to get your site to the top is effective wording in your headline/title. Use common keyphrases. Authentication is important too. Such as, making sure your website is updated with relevant content and contact information. Also, the image types you use matter. Compressing and using image alt tags will help format images to fit on small phone screens. Lastly, readability is a factor as well.



Most know what SEO is, but not everyone knows how it works and how to use it to their advantage. By mastering search engine optimization, you can optimize your business. You can consult marketing professionals, such as Redwood Creative, to find all the possibilities of using search engines to your advantage.  Read more about SEO here.


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Autumn Equinox Day

Happy Autumn Equinox Day!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to fall! As the days get shorter, harvest days and holiday spirit gets nearer. Football is starting back up and 100 degree days are gone. Summer will be missed, but it’ll be back before we know it. Now, we’re getting ready for (safe) bonfires and making s’mores over the campfire. In this blog, we’ve put together some fall cheer and tips on how to help you conserve energy in the upcoming cooler months. But first, what is the significance of an autumn equinox?

Autumnal Equinox

It’s just as how the sun is directly at the highest point in the sky on summer solstice day, making it the longest day of the year. Today, on September 22, the sun is directly over the Equator, so day and night are exactly the same amount of time. Now, days will get shorter as the sun moves further away from us. Farmers will start to harvest just ripe produce around this time before the first freeze blankets over their crops. Animals will begin preparing for winter months either by gathering food for hibernation or migrating south to seek warmer weather. Click here to read more on the history of the first day of fall.


So, what are some things you can do to get into the fall spirit? We suggest going out for hikes. Not only will the walk be good for you, but it’ll be a great way to see all the changing leaves. Or, go to a state park in your area and have a nice BBQ/picnic, and camping. In order to have COVID-safe football nights, try moving your watch party outside, or online through virtual group conferences. Pumpkin patches may still be open to the public area: support your local farmer by going to a patch. You may be able to catch a hayride or find your way through a corn maze! For indoor fall festivities, decorate your own fall/Halloween wreath. Or, roast pumpkin seeds in the oven for fall snacking, and your house will smell amazing!

Being Environmentally Friendly in Cooler Months

The best part of September and October is being able to turn off the air and open your windows. Letting the outside air freshen up your home could help you save money and electricity/gas. The open windows will illuminate your home, eliminating the need to turn lights on. Use the comfortable weather to your advantage to help save on electricity. It may seem costly to turn your air back on, but only if you’re trying to heat/cool your home a lot. Find out how so here. Also, when it comes to leaves falling on your yard, it is actually better to “leaf” it alone. Raking could tear up your grass. Instead, try mulching the leaves into the grass, helping enrich your soil. Or, just leave as is- the leaves will protect your grass in cold weather, and are beneficial to critters that rely on leaves to build their habitat.




Appreciate the eventful weather and all the beautiful sights that nature has to offer. Enjoy the feel of crisp air in the morning, as well as all the delicious treats that come with fall. We hope you have a great autumn season!


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