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Tips on Staying On Schedule and Organization


Most days, life can be pretty hectic. Between finance management, taking care of family/pets, running a household as well as a business, there seems to be no time for yourself. Staying on schedule and organization go hand-in-hand. Agendas are vital for time management. Here are some routine tips to help you get your life together.


Schedules & Lists

I can’t stress this enough: as soon as you think of something that needs to be done, take note of it right away. You may remember later, but likely you will forget seconds later. If you happen to be the type to forget to look at your notes, try creating a notes widget. Speaking of, widgets are also good for staying organized. Writing down your thoughts is the key to staying organized. Also, it’ll prevent you from putting things off. Then, categorize your notes: shopping, tasks, important dates, etc.

Next, the importance of calendars. Wall/electronic calendars will allow you to visualize your schedule will make it more concrete and give you a sense of how busy your week will be. When scheduling your week/month, do so in pencil or electronically. This will give you room to change your plans. There are several different ways to create an agenda for different personalities. You can use apps, whiteboards/bulletin boards, keep a journal, or use a notepad. Keeping track of little things will free up your headspace, helping you focus on more important things.

Personally, my favorite way to keep a schedule is using Google Sheets “To-Do List” for everyday planning, then using an e-calendar for important dates. I also use a wall calendar for tracking chores and due dates: trash days, dog bath days, deep clean days, etc.


A friendly reminder: don’t overbook yourself. We will often say “yes” to plans without thinking if we’ll have the time/energy to do so. By planning out your days by the week and mapping out the month, you’ll be able to manage chores, due dates, plans, and reminders. The best method for staying on schedule and organization is to write down what you need to do. Then, find out what works best for you on how to schedule and organize tasks & lists.


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