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2021 RWC Review/ Happy New Year


Hello everyone, and welcome to our final blog of the year! Fortunately, it’s been a great year for us. We worked with incredible clients, won awards, and had fun experiences. So, let’s review RWC 2021!

RWC Clients 2021

Our clients are great to work with and were a fundamental part of our successful year. Be sure to check them out!

  • DiMe, Disability Media Network. A TV station with a website that contains more media about the disabled community, such as movies, documentaries, and more. Not only are they a pleasure to work with, but we have learned so much and strive for inclusion and awareness for the disabled community.
  • Don’t Break Your Diet. Need some brownies or cornbread that’s easy to whip up but doesn’t contain a load of carbs and sugar? Don’t Break Your Diet will make life better by allowing you to eat your usual baked goods, just with less sugar. Instead, they use plant-based sweetener, so it still tastes just as delicious.

We have a couple more clients that we’re whipping up some good stuff with now- find out what we’re up to soon!

RWC Awards and Adventures

First, we are happy to announce that RWC won an award for the website of the day for our work with DiMe! You can read about it on our blog. Congratulations, team!

Second, this year, RWC found an interest in alternative/natural medicine, such as psychedelic therapy. The company believes that big pharma should be replaced by Earth-given medicine, such as CBD and peyote. Our goal is to help psychedelic/natural medicine businesses by improving and marketing their websites. Because we want to learn more, founders Carson and Clif headed off to Las Vegas for MeetDelic. MeetDelic will have another conference in 2022 if you’re interested.

Finally, we’ve also been getting into renewable energy. We support solar and wind companies’ websites, much like what we do with psychedelic therapy companies. Basically, if there’s a service/company to market, we can do it.

We hope everyone had an enjoyable year! Thank you for all of your support, even if it’s just reading our blogs. Here’s to our RWC adventures 2022! Happy New Year!

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