RWC’s Summer Tips

We love summer activities, but Texas summers aren’t easy. Thankfully, we have a few tips up our sleeves. Here’s how we deal with the heat/humidity, bugs, and other summer things.

Summer Tips

First of all, thank god it’s actually not too hot this summer! If you’ve been getting a lot of rain, just know that it is legal to collect rainwater. So, save the rainwater and use it for watering. You’ll notice a difference vs. using hard tap water. Speaking of lawn care, when you mow, try to clear the grass off the road. Cut grass on the road is dangerous for motorcyclists because they lose traction, which can cause them to lose control.

If you’re thinking about going to a waterpark, check with them first. Not all amusement and water parks are at 100% capacity yet. If you’re thinking about going tubing, we recommend going to a river outfitter. It can be the same price just to park at the river as it would be going to an outfitter with parking, tubes, and shuttles.

Other tips

  • If you want your windows tinted, wait until the fall. It is so much cheaper.
  • Do you also hate the way bug repellent feels and smells? Try this all-natural bug repellent. I used to get eaten alive by mosquitos, but now I can garden and walk my dogs in peace.
  • PFG shirts are a summer essential. They dry fast and offer great sun & bug protection. Don’t be fooled by the long sleeves- good ones feel like you’re not wearing them at all. Wear them to the lake, or outside doing lawn work.

Let us know if you have any handy summer tips! Maybe we can update this blog with your suggestions. Have a great summer, everyone! Keep Texas clean!


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