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Make Your Mobile Video Ads a Raging Success With These Tips

Mobile content consumption is doubling by the year. Studies show that people are 1.5X more likely to view your video advertisements through their smartphones compared to laptops and other traditional mediums.

Considering this, it is safe to say that mobile video ads are pretty important for businesses. In this article, we explore a few ways in which you can make your video ad campaigns for mobile a roaring success.

Seven things to do to create compelling mobile video ads

1. Keep your videos under 15 seconds

People love to scroll and swipe on their mobile content. Especially if this content is on a social media platform. That’s why your mobile video ad needs to be short and to the point. Ideally, it should be 15 seconds or under to make sure that your audience actually sees the entire advertisement.

2. Place your CTAs at the start of the ad

Most brands place their CTAs at the end of their video ads. This would be fine – provide your viewer actually watched your ad fully, start-to-finish. But if they don’t, your audience will miss out on your contact details, special offers, and other personal messaging. This is why it helps to have your CTA at the start of your ad. This CTA could be included in the ad copy as part of the story, or it could be a button or link that pops up while your ad is playing.

3. Make use of mobile-friendly ad templates

Tools like Canva have specific ad templates that are designed for mobile. Usually, the best mobile video ad templates are square and 4:5 vertical. These templates fit most social media ad templates. Even YouTube’s new Shorts feature is compatible with these templates.

Choosing mobile-compatible templates can ensure that your video ads look good. They won’t be a mismatch for your screen size and will offer your audience a comfortable viewing experience. This is instrumental in ensuring that they stick around till the end of your video.

4. In-stream video ads can be very powerful for mobile shopping

Shopping ads have become one of the most powerful tools for brands on social media and ecommerce websites. But most shopping ads are static. What you need to use for your mobile video ad campaign is in-stream video ads.

These ads come either at the start, during, or at the end of a video. They allow audiences to receive your ad even if they aren’t actively looking for your brand. In fact, ever since YouTube’s paid subscription came into being, in-stream video ads have become incredibly helpful in pushing mobile ads onto viewers.

Plus, shopping ads are connected to the product listing, allowing you to click on the button/link on the screen that redirects you to their website. So, even if a viewer wasn’t consciously looking for you, there is a potential for a spur-of-the-moment engagement/conversion with your brand.

5.   Don’t rely too much on sound

Most people consume video content and video ads on mobile during the commute and while in the office. During travel time, many people tend to keep their phones either on mute or they’ll have their earphones plugged in. You don’t want your loud, audio-heavy video ad to assault their ears (or worse, disturb their neighbors).

Nothing turns people off a video/ad faster than noise. It’s important to reduce your dependence on audio when making video ads. We know this sounds strange. But, your video ad can be just as powerful when it is text-based or mostly with silent visuals or with very little audio. Plus, by not relying on the audio, you will make sure that viewers who have their phones on mute are still able to understand the essence of your video without the audio.

6. Make your ad content accessible

Your mobile video ads have to be disability-friendly and accessible. After all, your products and services are designed for a wide range of buyers. Having accessible advertisements can help you forge a trusted bond with audience members who appreciate this thoughtful gesture. Plus, such ads can increase the likelihood of conversion because of how friendly it is.

Some ways to make your mobile video ads accessible are –

  • Add closed captions to your ads for readability.
  • Provide multiple language captions for viewers from other countries.
  • Disable auto-play.
  • Don’t overdo the motion graphics and lighting.
  • Avoid high-contrast colors.
  • Use large font that is easily recognizable.
  • Let the physical gestures (or acting) be simple to understand.

7. Choose a creative angle that is different for mobile video ads compared to other video ads

The idea behind mobile video ads is to create a short, punchy, and quick message which can encourage viewers to explore your brand on other platforms. For example, your social media channel or your website. That’s why your mobile video ad content should be sharp and memorable.

Think one-liners rather than a skit. A single USP and not an entire paragraph of ad copy. An irresistible offer that they can learn about on your website and not the entire rulebook to a giveaway/contest. You get the gist.

Plus, it helps if you can make use of memes to get your point across. Your mobile video ad can be a meme, followed by a CTA. It’s that simple.

Wrapping up

Making mobile video ads need not be difficult or time-consuming. Apply the tips we have provided here and see how wonderfully your mobile video ads perform with your target audience.

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Digital Advertising and Digital Marketing – Are They the Same Thing?

In an offline setting, the terms marketing and advertising have distinct definitions that separate the two from each other. However, in the digital context, the two terms are often used interchangeably. So, are they really different from each other, or is it just a matter of to-may-to vs. to-mah-to?

Let’s do a deep dive and understand what the two terms mean, how they’re interrelated, and how they’re different from each other.

Digital advertising

As the name suggests, digital advertising is used to ‘advertise’ your business in a digital format. So, any ad you see online for any business, regardless of whether the business itself is an online or offline one, it’s a form of digital advertising. It’s also sometimes called internet marketing, online advertising, web advertising, or other similar terms.

While it can be confusing to know what exactly someone means when you hear one of these various terms, the kind of activity they talk about can help you understand if they’re talking about digital advertising or something else.

There are three main types of digital advertising.

Pay Per Click ads

Pay Per Click ads, often shortened to PPC ads, is a form of paid online advertisements. These are the ads you can find in your web search results. For example, you might find the website of a popular brand at the top of your search results if you search for ‘sports shoes.’ The word ‘Ad’ is usually shown next to the website links to indicate that it’s a paid promotion of the brand.

As the name suggests, companies pay for the ad each time someone clicks on it and visits their website. You won’t have to pay unless the ad is clicked. All major search engines have their PPC solutions, such as Google Adwords, Bing Ads, etc.

Display ads

These are the ads that are ‘displayed’ on your screen.

For example, the banners, pop-ups, or videos you can find at the beginning, end, or in the middle of the website you’re using. On a computer, you might find a mini video window at one corner or side of the screen or large banners in the middle of blog posts. On mobile platforms, these banners might pop up while you’re scrolling through the website.

Most major e-commerce platforms, such as eBay, invest heavily in display ads.

Social media ads

These are the ads you come across while scrolling through any of the popular social media platforms. They can be in the form of images or videos and will usually take you to the company’s website or target landing page when you click on them.

All these forms of digital advertising can be used individually or together, depending entirely on your business’s marketing strategy. Which brings us to the next point – how is digital marketing different from digital advertising?

Digital marketing

Digital marketing services include all the marketing efforts a company makes to showcase, promote, and grow its business. While digital advertising may be a marketing activity on its own, it falls under the comprehensive umbrella of digital marketing.

Digital marketing has six main categories:

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Digital Advertising
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Mobile and email marketing

While digital advertising is broad, digital marketing is more targeted and customer-focused. Ads are loosely targeted around the key terms that potential customers may search for.

Marketing, on the other hand, is a comprehensive strategy that focuses on all the six aspects mentioned above. A company uses the four Ps of marketing – product, price, promotion, and place – to determine its marketing strategy and employs it across all marketing and advertising channels.

Latest digital marketing trends incline towards an increasing focus on content marketing, where content is used in various formats – text, image, video, and audio – to reach a target audience.

For example, companies may publish thought leadership articles to promote their brand or publish books written by their CEOs or other high-authority personnel. They may upload video interviews with these personnel or audio interviews in the form of podcasts. And they can use images across all social media marketing efforts.

All this content will be focused on a target audience and will talk about the product or service the company wants to promote.


Digital advertising and marketing are indeed different from each other while being interrelated. Digital advertising is a part of a company’s overall digital marketing strategy, which may extend into any or all of the six areas of marketing specified above.

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6 SEO Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic Now

The purpose of SEO for bloggers is to enhance organic traffic by optimizing a website to appear as high in search results as possible. To put it another way, SEO allows you to boost the number of people who visit your website without having to pay for advertisements.

There are several methods for optimizing a website for SEO. To rank #1 in search engines, simply posting fresh content isn’t enough. It will take time and work to attain meaningful results with SEO. So, without further ado, here are the top 6 SEO strategies you can implement right now to enhance your SEO and expand your audience.

Evergreen content

Because SEO is such a long-term activity, you’ll want to ensure your content is evergreen. The term “evergreen” refers to a plant with leaves that remain green all year.

Content that delivers traffic year after year and through the conceivable future is known as evergreen content. To put it another way, evergreen blog content is on themes that have a long-term search interest.

Google Trends is a fantastic tool for ensuring that your content ideas have long-term viability. Simply type in the topic you wish to learn more about, and you’ll get a graph of search interest over time.

Keyword research

A data-driven content strategy is a wonderful place to start when building a content plan.

We essentially mean keyword search volume and SEO competitiveness when we say data.

The first step would be to research subjects and keywords that your target audience is interested in. Ideas will flow more naturally if you are highly familiar with your audience. If it doesn’t work, consider the following:

  • What are the most pressing concerns of your target audience?
  • What are their passions?
  • What goods, tools, or services do they use or are interested in?
  • What are their most frequently asked questions?

Analyze SERP results

Now that you’ve laid out the content strategy and blog theme approach, the next step is to examine SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) outcomes.

SERP results, in other words, are a list of links to websites and blogs that respond to the searcher’s query.

The top few pages of results receive the majority of search traffic. It won’t be easy, but that’s the goal you should set for yourself.

So, before you start writing your blogs, have a look at the top results and figure out why these sites are ranking so high, as well as how you can produce a better piece of content to rank first.

Write valuable content

Readers must find your information valuable and intriguing enough to continue reading. This implies you should prioritize the quality of every blog post over the number of blog articles you publish.

Google favors thematic depth, so longer blog pieces are preferred since they allow Google to better comprehend what every article is about. When Google understands your articles, it will give them a better ranking.

Google is also concerned with dwell time (how long visitors remain on your site), so the more in-depth your blog postings are, the better.

As a result, ensure that your blog entries contain a minimum of 300 words. If you’re creating a long blog article, use short phrases and brief paragraphs to make it easier to read. Readability is also a significant factor in search engine ranking.

Make images SEO-friendly

Before you upload photographs to your website or blog, the first step you should take is to minimize the file size. This is crucial since pictures might slow down your website speed, which can harm SEO. So, ensure sure all PNG and JPEG photos are compressed.

After that, you’ll have to add important keywords to the names and alt text of the photographs. The alt text and names should both provide information about the image.

Try to have picture alt text and names that include the main keywords you’re hoping to rank for to get extra SEO bonus points. If you’re unsure, you could always use the title of your blog.

Build internal and external links

Internal linking involves placing links in your blog post’s targeted keywords (otherwise known as anchor text). If we published a whole blog article about internal link building, for example, we would include a link to the phrase “internal link building.”

Internal linking not only benefits readers but also keeps them on your blog for longer and provides your other websites or blogs more authority. You may also connect to external links (different websites) that could indicate the quality and relevance of a blog post.

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5 Tips for Creating Personalized Ad Copy for Your Marketing Campaigns

Have you ever found yourself clicking on an advertisement that popped up while you were on Facebook/Instagram just because it felt like “it was made for you”?

Well, personalized advertisements can be very compelling, with 88% of US advertisers and marketers noting a marked improvement in marketing success due to the personalization of ads. Plus, if they receive personalized offers instead of cookie-cutter promotions, they are more open to sharing personal information to initiate contact with brands. 46% of Baby Boomers, 58% of Gen Xers, and 63% of millennials have confirmed so in a research study.

Given such promising results, you may be very excited to get a few actionable tips on how you can start personalizing your ad copy. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our top 5 tips for ad copy personalization:

1. Use personal information that doesn’t make your brand feel invasive

People may be okay seeing your brand advertise to them using your name or even their geographic location in the copy. But they won’t be as happy if you, say, talk about the medical diagnosis they just received from their doctor. Even if the product you’re selling is related to the personalized message (ex: insurance or medicine), such intimate information can be downright creepy.

The key to creating a personalized ad copy is to divide the personal details available to you into “Can Use” and “Avoid” piles. Typically, information that is more publicly available on their bio/profile across channels is acceptable since that’s information they want the world to know about them. This includes academic qualification, job/role, hobbies, tastes, etc.

If you want to use more intimate/personal details to customize the ads for them, invite the prospect to share the details themselves. That way, you have their consent to use this information to create customized ad copy and offers.

2. Give your prospect a reason to peruse your ad

Tools that allow you to collect landing page metrics, ad metrics and app activity metrics help you figure out the exact steps your prospects may have taken when they interacted with your marketing material. You can use this information to send your prospect a personalized ad copy that is based on their previous action. In fact, cart reminder ads are a great example of this technique.

Even when you don’t have access to deep metrics of this individual prospect, you can analyze the psychographic and demographic characteristics of the customer avatar the prospect falls under. This can help you create as close a personalized ad copy as you can.

3. Choose the correct channels for retargeting your ads and amend the copy accordingly

Marketing tools allow brands to track where prospects access your marketing content from, how frequently they visit a particular social media platform and how often they see and click on your ads. Use this information to make sure you don’t overwhelm them with a constant barrage of ads every day on the same platforms.

Create a schedule where your ad is visible to your prospect just once a day, on a different channel each day. Use ad copies of different formats to draw their attention. Using the same format may get your prospect so used to seeing your ad, that it may not register with them consciously. Instead, using different, channel-specific ad formats ensure there is a surprise awaiting your prospect when they log in to their social media channel.

4. Make your ads interactive

Did you know that you can use interactive elements like quizzes in Facebook lead ads? Interactive elements make it worth the prospect’s while to engage with your brand. You can design the quizzes in such a way as to share personalized product/service recommendations with them at the end of the quiz. Your ad copy can draw attention to how the quiz results speak of certain personality or lifestyle traits of the prospect and how choosing the brand’s product/service can help the prospect.

In fact, the process of participating in the quiz can help your prospects feel as though they have co-created the solution with you. This can make them more willing to try out and even purchase your product.

5. Use AI to learn about the prospect’s unique buyer’s journey

Personalization of ad copy works wonders when it is made available to the prospect at the right time. Otherwise, it just falls flat. So, the best thing to do is for brands to use AI to predict the way the prospect’s buyer journey may progress.

By collating their brand interaction data and using AI to analyze the buyer’s potential intent and predicted next steps, you can develop and personalize ad content that’s ready for publishing at the right time.

Wrapping up

Personalized ad copy can help you supercharge your marketing efforts. Try these tips out today and experience the marked change in your engagement with prospective buyers.


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What is Location Based Marketing [LBM] and How can Your Business Can Benefit From It?

When talking of location-based marketing, we need to know what it exactly means! It is a type of marketing that permits organizations to target audiences at a personal or granular level with the help of offline or online messaging. This messaging depends on the physical location of the targeted audience. With the help of this location data that is extracted from the targeted audience, the marketing teams of these organizations reach the customers. They consider the nearness to a store or any particular event happening in their region as the qualifiers of authenticity.

Benefits of your business from LBM strategy

It is an economic strategy

The most attractive feature of this strategy is that you do not need to spend too much on this. Every time your business completes one page on any location-based marketing service, your business gets advertised for free. Therefore, when you opt for advanced location-based marketing services, you will find that they are much more economical than their other traditional marketing counterparts.

It helps you reward loyal customers

As a business owner, it is always recommended that you try to hold back your old customers. You should avoid attracting new customers at the cost of losing the old and loyal ones. The check-in information provides you with a tangible way to recognise the customers who are loyal to you and visit your business frequently. You can reward these loyal customers by providing them with additional discounts or letting them take the best seat in your joint.

Improves your SEO ranking

It is seen that various location-based marketing services generally appear among the top five searches in any search engine. This means that location-based marketing services rank well on the internet. Therefore, if you register your business page on a few eminent LBM services, it enhances your probability to appear higher in the search engine.

It helps you know your customers better

To flourish in your business, you must know your customers better. It is your customers who will help you to make your business a success. So you must consider their likes and preferences. Location-based marketing services help you find your customers’ preferences and tastes. You can employ user reviews to determine what your customers expect from you or what they are thinking about the new offers you are planning to implement. For example, imagine you are the owner of a bookstore, and you decide to hold up author events. You receive 200 check-ins, but you see that 180 are for one author and only 20 for the other author. Then you will get clarity about which author is loved more among your customers.

It facilitates you in attracting a lot of new customers

Location-based marketing services are very beneficial when it comes to attracting new customers. This strategy convinces people to invest their time in your products. The people who had never heard of your business or maybe had no interest in purchasing from your business will be persuaded by this marketing strategy to try your products. These services also recommend you as the owner to offer your new customers special discounts so that your new customers keep on ordering from you. Apart from these, location-based marketing services also add a buzz about your business on social media. Since your business will get popular, many people will consider trying products from your business that will boost up your business.

Reduces losses during low market periods

As a business owner, you will agree that the rate of business growth is not the same throughout the day. It is in these situations that location-based marketing services come to help you out. Let’s assume that you are the owner of a café and your café gets quiet just after the lunch hours. Then what location-based marketing services do here is, choose the target audience and then recommend you to offer them discounts. In this case, your target audiences are college or university students, and you have to attract them for evening coffees in your café by offering discounts. You can also reward your loyal customer with a free coffee.

It makes your business a local hotspot

Since you are a small business owner, it is difficult for your business to dominate a particular market in any city unless you implement any efficient strategy. Hence, using location-based marketing services will help you go viral, and you will attain the exploration you need to promote your business. With the help of this strategy, you can successfully double your turnover. Location-based marketing services recommend you to focus on markets that are close to home, and in this manner, you can establish your business as a local hotspot.

Bottom Line

In this world with upgraded technology, it is difficult to ignore the internet. The location-based marketing strategy employs the location data and provides your business with the exploration that it needs to flourish. This strategy has proven to do miracles when used appropriately. This strategy is not just useful for the business owners but the costumes as well.

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How To Create a Brand Podcast for Marketing

Over the last few years, podcasts have exploded onto the media scene more strongly than ever. From true crime and celebrity life to news and author interviews, the categories of podcasts you can tune into are endless. Surely, something is pulling the audiences to plug their earphones in and devour content like never before. It was only a matter of time when businesses noticed this continual rise of podcasts and harnessed their power to reach greater heights.

If you too are thinking of hopping on board the ‘Podcast Express’ here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Don’t Delay

The right time to start a podcast is NOW. In 2018, the number of podcasts on iTunes alone was more than 5,00,000 with content in over 100 languages. You can imagine the jump in the numbers today. Before the podcast space gets too crowded, it is best to hop on the bandwagon and use it to your business’s advantage.

Know Your Niche

Regardless of the burgeoning podcast numbers, you can still establish yourself as a successful podcast host if you offer something no one else can. Whether it is in the way you convey your brand’s message or the genuineness with which you talk about your brand’s journey, don’t be scared to take the path less travelled.

Consider Your Audience

A lot of novice podcasters commit the blunder of talking on subjects they want to. Instead, your primary focus should be your audience. What would they want you to cover? What value addition is your podcast bringing them? Why should they listen to your podcast if there are other similar ones available? When you can answer these questions, you get closer to a unique solution that can cater to your audience’s desires and needs.

Be Prepared

The last thing you want is to drone on aimlessly while recording a podcast. Your audience can easily get bored and switch to another podcast if you are offering them no value. Make sure you have jotted down your talking points and have a ready script to record. This eliminates your chances of going off track and losing your audience’s interest in the process.

Be Consistent

Your audience should have a detailed schedule of your podcast releases. How would they be able to tune in if they don’t know when is the next episode to your series coming out? Your subscribers expect you to upload new episodes regularly or it’s only a matter of time before they lose interest in waiting for you and switch to a competitor’s podcast.

Use Branded Short Links

You want your audience to remember your brand as they listen to your podcast. Using branded links to your site can promote brand loyalty and encourage them to share your links in their circle. Branded links are easier to share than generic ones and remind the listeners about what you represent.

Use Tags

Make your branded podcasts easily searchable by using ID3 tags and setting up your RSS feed. Your listeners can get information such as the episode, title, genre, relevant keywords, URL, year published and more when you use tags. The easier you make it for the listeners to find you, the better it is for your brand.

Do Interviews

Find successful people in your niche and request them to feature in your podcasts. This could mean a one-on-one interview or a Skype conversation, whatever works for you. This can provide some fresh and exciting insights to your audience and keep them coming back to your podcasts for more. Make sure you prepare a list of interesting and controversial questions that the audience would be interested in. Lastly, promote the podcast on other social media channels for maximum traction. This is a quick way to expand your network and build more brand awareness.

Wrapping Up

We hope the above tips can come in handy to help you create a brand podcast for building awareness about your company. In the end, it all boils down to getting your show in front of as many eyes as possible. It may take a while to reach a decent listener count, but once it does there’s no looking back. Brand podcasts can be a lucrative option to earn revenue and further enhance your marketing efforts. It’s time to get started.

If you have any questions regarding brand marketing, please feel free to reach out to us. We would love to partner with you to take your business to newer heights using our client-centric marketing strategies.

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A Digital Marketing Guide for Small Food Business

The food business is not as easy as it looks. Many studies state that it is difficult for most small food businesses to sustain for more than five years. So, your main aim as a small food business owner should be to target the customers who live to eat! Hence, your focus should not only be on offering delicious food, but you should also improvise on your strategies of digital marketing for your small businesses. Here are a few tips that will help you to make your small business grow and achieve heights of success.

Make your website perfect

Today the world has gone online, and the face of your store is no longer its sole identity. You need to have a great website that is optimized for mobile phones since the customers will judge the credibility of your business based on how perfect your website is. If you think that your website is not attractive enough, you will fail to attract customers. Hence you need to design your website in such a manner that it is not only user-friendly but functional and professional at the same time. Keep essential information such as the menu, address of your food joint and operational timings on top of your website.This would help the potential customer to get the required information at a glance.

Try to target audience in social media

A considerable amount of the population uses social media daily. This indicates that you can find most of your potential costumes in one single location- social media. If you are the owner of small food business, then you should focus on working on your social media strategy. With the help of social media, you are exposing your business to ample networking opportunities. You can host contests on social media and reward the participants and winners with free or discounts on meals. This will help you promote your business and attain a lot of social exposure.

Have your primary focus on improvising the SEO

A perfect search engine optimization [SEO] should be your primary focus. This SEO will help you in attracting potential customers to your website and ultimately convince them to visit your restaurant to grab the delicious food that you are offering. When you improvise the SEO of your business, not only the locals but the travellers will also be redirected to your website. Suppose you own a Chinese restaurant, then you aim to boost the SEO of your website in such a way that you become a local hotspot for Chinese cuisine lovers.

Use Marketing via email

Email marketing is a very effective strategy when it comes to strategies for digital marketing. To use this strategy, you need to collect the email ids of the customers who have already visited your food joint once. You need to send automated emails to these customers at least once every week. These mails should inform them about new dishes that you have introduced or about the discounts that you are providing. Every mail should have friendly content. You can express your gratitude and the customer will feel good after reading your mail and think of revisiting your joint.

Consider benefits of online review

Whenever people are searching about a restaurant that they have never been to but are planning to visit, the thing they consider is online reviews. Hence, good online reviews are very important for your restaurant to prosper. When any customer pays the bill, you can request them to go to the official website of your restaurant and add their valuable feedback. But you need to make sure that you treat your customers very well. It is about your treatment and the quality of food that you serve that your customers will write a review. You would not want negative reviews!

Invite food bloggers for promotion

There is a new profession in today’s world, and that is food blogging. Food bloggers are very important when it comes to digital marketing because they establish a perfect rapport with your target audience. If you can invite a food blogger to your restaurant, not only will your restaurant get exposure, but your menu will also come into the limelight. The food blogger will explain all the dishes in detail and will also recommend their followers to visit your restaurant. Could it be any better?

Promotion on Instagram via visual stories

Why not offer drool-worthy discounts to your customers for putting visual stories about their meals in their Instagram account? Ask them to tag your food joint as well, and then it will act as a very efficient marketing strategy. Today, youngsters all are hooked to Instagram, and as soon as they see their friend eating delicious meals, they will visit your joint soon. Since you will ask your customers to tag your food joint page, the new customers will have no problem finding your food joint.

Bottom Line

To be successful as an owner of small food business, all you need to do is get noticed in your community. Getting the proper exposure is necessary for your business to flourish. In this internet era, use the internet and become a sensation in the food industry. With the help of these amazing digital marketing strategies, touch the sky of success. All power to you!


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Emotional Storytelling is a Powerful Tool for Advertising

Advertising can be a powerful medium through which you can relay brand stories to consumer audiences. Stories resonate with people more than statistics and data do. That’s why you’ll find many great ads have a story in them. This story helps people connect the brand with the story, and people are also more likely to remember stories.

Stories have the ability to help people connect with each other. For brands, it helps them to build a brand that resonates with them. If you were looking for a way to generate interest in your brand, then doing so through storytelling can be an amazing idea. Also known as emotional brand building, this is a marketing strategy that, although more advanced, presents greater rewards.

Stories and advertising

An emotional connection has a large role to play when it comes to developing a consumer audience. Businesses and brands have used stories to create advertisements that resonate with people for decades.

Other than through traditional advertising, storytelling in this fashion has also found success on social media. This doesn’t come as a surprise since both emotional branding, as well as social media have at their core the same values. They strive to connect people to each other, as well as to inspire people that view the content.

The rise of social media has given businesses a great opportunity to advertise through such platforms. The key is to involve emotional storytelling in your social media branding as a way to ensure that people are connecting with the message you have to spread.

What are the different types of stories you can tell?

Storytelling can be an effective strategy for marketing when done right. There are six types of stories you can tell through advertising. They include:

1. Caring about similar issues

People who share similar values are more likely to connect with each other better. Should your brand be promoting a particular cause, such as animal rights, or humanitarian causes, you can include them in your marketing narrative. Create a story around the cause of your choice to spread awareness about your charitable causes and to show people that you care.

Through such forms of storytelling, you’ll more effectively be able to connect with people who share the same values. In turn, they are more likely to resonate with your brand, as well as more likely to be consumers.

2. Understanding your audience

People enjoy being understood, as well as being appreciated. If you can create advertisements that show people that you understand them, this can, in turn, enable them to better connect with your brand. You can also enable them to feel better by connecting with your brand.

An example of a brand that does this is Dove. They regularly focus their ads on the stories of regular women and talk about how their products improve the lives of users. They focus on positive body image for women, and as a result, have been able to develop a strong audience that resonates with them.

3. Making life better

Another effective storytelling idea for your brand is to show how your products or services can make life easier for the consumer. Create ads that showcase the benefits of your products or services.

4. Showing consumers you know what they are going through

People can be hard on themselves, which is why having understanding people around them is helpful. They can enable people to feel better and deal with any failures or obstacles that they’ve encountered. Create ads centered around common challenges and failures people face, as well as how your products or services can help them overcome them.

5. Aspirations and goals

Another effective way to tell stories is by showcasing goals and aspirations, as well as how your products and services can enable people to reach them. From completing graduation to winning in sporting events, if you can relate your products or services to people teaching their goals, you can connect with them better.

Brands often tell inspiring stories in an effort to motivate people and get them to connect reaching their goals to the brands.

6. Celebrating uniqueness

Some people can feel like the odd one out in their family or group of friends. They may have an odd hobby or an odd sense of fashion. They can also feel burdened by their differences. Creating ads dedicated to celebrating such uniqueness can help your brand to connect with such people better.

It can also enable your brand to inspire others to celebrate uniqueness as well.


Emotional storytelling is a great marketing tool, that when used right, can enable you to find great success. Develop a connection with your consumer audience by using these tips to create advertisements that make use of powerful narratives.

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Using Discord for Brand Marketing: Tips and Tricks

Discord is a platform that is popular among gamers. However, it has also become popular among other people as well. Users interested in everything from music to politics have developed communities on Discord. These are communities that could be consumers for your business as well. For that reason, why not consider marketing your business on Discord?

Discord: What is it?

Discord is a chat platform that operates in real-time. You can find everyone from gamers to influencers, and even just fans, active on the platform. Users on Discord have the ability to join various servers. They can do so through invites that are exclusive to those servers. This allows users to interact with other members of their community through dedicated servers.

In this way, you can create separate channels for your business as well. You can assign one channel to your management, while the production gets another channel of their own. This allows your employees to connect with each other whenever needed through dedicated servers.

What are the benefits your business can experience through Discord?

There are several benefits your business can look forward to, should you start using Discord. They include:

1. Get better control over users

You don’t have to worry about your channel being flooded with spambots or trolls since an exclusive invite is needed in order to join. Server administrators also have the ability to ban members, as well as delete messages. They can also assign moderators.

2. Faster than emails

Emails are necessary, but there are times when you may have forgotten to send an instruction. Or mails mag also get lost among flocks of mails. During these times, Discord can be the perfect lifesaver.

3. No need to worry about algorithms

Essentially, Discord is a chat messaging service. No algorithms are at play when it comes to this platform. So whatever you post, from company announcements to event invites, will be available chronologically. This means that none of your announcements will be lost.

Marketing your business using Discord

Here are five ways you can market your business using Discord:

1. Create a community that is moderated

Aside from using Discord to communicate internally, you can also use the platform to create a server for social discussions. Depending on who your target audience is and what they enjoy talking about, you can create different servers. Then, simply sit back and watch the bond.

When your community starts to grow, the popularity of your business will grow as well. This is as word of mouth marketing is still one of the most powerful marketing tools.

2. Find channels with like-minded people

You should also consider meeting like-minded people in different Discord channels. Finding servers relevant to your business interests shouldn’t be hard. When you find groups that match your needs, join them. This allows you to network with other business owners, and you can look for opportunities to collaborate as well.

This also enables you to expand your target audience by finding other consumers who may be interested in your products or services.

3. Share content relevant to your business

Discord can be used to share articles related to your business and industry. Remember that all your employees within your Discord server are connected to each other. Consider leveraging the presence they have on social media. Get them to share your articles on other Discord servers. They can also share your articles on their personal social media profiles.

The more industry-relevant content you share, the easier it will be for your brand to develop authority on these platforms.

4. Visual content

Posting memes, funny screenshots, and even GIFs can also be an effective way to market your business. Consider designing memes and other shareable content related to your business. When you then share such content, you’ll find that more people are sharing that in turn. This allows you to generate brand awareness and market your brand.

5. Provide faster customer service

You can create a dedicated Discord server that is used to deal with complaints from consumers. Consumers usually want fast service, so having a server dedicated to addressing their problems can better enable you to provide faster service. You can also do so in real-time. You’ll have the ability to send direct messages to members and can also have private conversations with them as well.


Discord can be a useful social media platform where you can not only share content with your employees but consumers as well. Use these tips to market your business through Discord, and expand your target audience while providing better service.

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Benefits of a Link Page

One of the best things you can do for your business is to have a link page across your social media sites. It’s like a landing page, but more simple. We highly recommend having one if you run your own business.

Why you should have a link page

Link pages are sites like Linktree and Campsite. One link will lead visitors to multiple links. It’s the landing page of all your links. Mainly, your social media business pages and your main website. This way, if someone takes interest in you, they don’t have to hunt to find out more about you. You can include a short bio, a photo, and label the links. Also, if you want to get creative, go for it! Some people go hard with their Linktree profiles. Another benefit is that since all your links are collapsed into one, it makes your other bios look neater and less spammy. Finally, the most important benefit is that link pages will expand your outreach by having all your links more accessible.

If you’re an influencer, a link page is a must. It’ll be much easier for marketing agencies to reach out to you, and you can make your preferred method of contact clear.

There are multiple link pages out there, so look around to see which one would be best for you. Feel free to reach out to us if you want a little help with creating your page- it can be a lot! See the link below to contact us.

Are you interested in marketing assistance? Contact Redwood Creative, Inc today!