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Technology Gifts To Snag on Black Friday


It’s that time of the year again! Time to buy whatever electronic device you’ve been thinking about replacing. Or for a friend. Whether it be a new phone, tablet, or maybe a smartwatch, here is your guide on Black Friday technology-related gifts.

Black Friday Technology Gifts

Here’s a tech gift list that isn’t just smartphones or a TV. How about a smartwatch instead?

  • Samsung or Apple Smartwatch. Quickly check notifications and don’t have to carry your phone with you around the house. Additionally, Samsung’s smartwatches are compatible with Apple and Android.
  • Airfryer. I know this is a kitchen item, but there’s a lot of technology behind these kitchen essentials. On Emeril’s AirFryer, you can toast, bake, rotisserie, warm, and most importantly, air-fry. More options as well! Super helpful for Thanksgiving cooking.
  • Lenovo Chromebook Duet. A tablet and a laptop in one! You can choose between 10″ and 13″. It can hold up to 64 GB of storage. Now, whether to buy this for yourself or as a gift… Hmmm.
  • Get stylus pens for stocking stuffers.
  •  An Amazon Echo Dot can play music, change the thermostat, or control the lights all on your command. Or a Google Nest Mini, which can do the same.
  • A wireless charger. While it charges a little slower, it’s more convenient than fumbling with a cord. Also, it reduces wear on your phone’s charging port. Alas, no more turtleneck chargers, as the cords on wireless chargers last longer. It can charge even with a case on.
  • LED Light strips are an excellent way to spruce up any home. Choose from an array of colors to fit the mood.

These are some ideas that aren’t your usual Best Buy purchases. We hope these handy little things were an improvement to your or your giftee’s life. Let us know if you bought anything off this list! Personally, we love wireless chargers. Happy shopping season!


> Check out our blog on how to save on Black Friday shopping. <


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