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What is Location Based Marketing [LBM] and How can Your Business Can Benefit From It?


When talking of location-based marketing, we need to know what it exactly means! It is a type of marketing that permits organizations to target audiences at a personal or granular level with the help of offline or online messaging. This messaging depends on the physical location of the targeted audience. With the help of this location data that is extracted from the targeted audience, the marketing teams of these organizations reach the customers. They consider the nearness to a store or any particular event happening in their region as the qualifiers of authenticity.

Benefits of your business from LBM strategy

It is an economic strategy

The most attractive feature of this strategy is that you do not need to spend too much on this. Every time your business completes one page on any location-based marketing service, your business gets advertised for free. Therefore, when you opt for advanced location-based marketing services, you will find that they are much more economical than their other traditional marketing counterparts.

It helps you reward loyal customers

As a business owner, it is always recommended that you try to hold back your old customers. You should avoid attracting new customers at the cost of losing the old and loyal ones. The check-in information provides you with a tangible way to recognise the customers who are loyal to you and visit your business frequently. You can reward these loyal customers by providing them with additional discounts or letting them take the best seat in your joint.

Improves your SEO ranking

It is seen that various location-based marketing services generally appear among the top five searches in any search engine. This means that location-based marketing services rank well on the internet. Therefore, if you register your business page on a few eminent LBM services, it enhances your probability to appear higher in the search engine.

It helps you know your customers better

To flourish in your business, you must know your customers better. It is your customers who will help you to make your business a success. So you must consider their likes and preferences. Location-based marketing services help you find your customers’ preferences and tastes. You can employ user reviews to determine what your customers expect from you or what they are thinking about the new offers you are planning to implement. For example, imagine you are the owner of a bookstore, and you decide to hold up author events. You receive 200 check-ins, but you see that 180 are for one author and only 20 for the other author. Then you will get clarity about which author is loved more among your customers.

It facilitates you in attracting a lot of new customers

Location-based marketing services are very beneficial when it comes to attracting new customers. This strategy convinces people to invest their time in your products. The people who had never heard of your business or maybe had no interest in purchasing from your business will be persuaded by this marketing strategy to try your products. These services also recommend you as the owner to offer your new customers special discounts so that your new customers keep on ordering from you. Apart from these, location-based marketing services also add a buzz about your business on social media. Since your business will get popular, many people will consider trying products from your business that will boost up your business.

Reduces losses during low market periods

As a business owner, you will agree that the rate of business growth is not the same throughout the day. It is in these situations that location-based marketing services come to help you out. Let’s assume that you are the owner of a café and your café gets quiet just after the lunch hours. Then what location-based marketing services do here is, choose the target audience and then recommend you to offer them discounts. In this case, your target audiences are college or university students, and you have to attract them for evening coffees in your café by offering discounts. You can also reward your loyal customer with a free coffee.

It makes your business a local hotspot

Since you are a small business owner, it is difficult for your business to dominate a particular market in any city unless you implement any efficient strategy. Hence, using location-based marketing services will help you go viral, and you will attain the exploration you need to promote your business. With the help of this strategy, you can successfully double your turnover. Location-based marketing services recommend you to focus on markets that are close to home, and in this manner, you can establish your business as a local hotspot.

Bottom Line

In this world with upgraded technology, it is difficult to ignore the internet. The location-based marketing strategy employs the location data and provides your business with the exploration that it needs to flourish. This strategy has proven to do miracles when used appropriately. This strategy is not just useful for the business owners but the costumes as well.

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