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What Is A Landing Page?


If you are starting a business, then you need a landing page. Landing pages will help direct viewers to your site. Think of it as a flyer for your website. Here’s some info on landing pages and how to create one.

Landing Page

Landing pages are different than websites, as it stands alone. It provides a summary of your website and your business. Then, visitors can go to your website from there. Here’s how it works: you create your page via templates, such as MailChimp. Then, you make it go live via newsletter, social media, or by advertising it online. Next, people click on your page, preview your website, and/or input their contact info to join your mailing list. It’s an effective method for reaching out to your audience. They have a 4% conversion rate. Here are some more statistics about landing pages.

You can hire someone to create your page. This can run to roughly $75-$1,000 charge, depending on how intricate you want to be. They are typically 1 page long. Or, create your own. It only takes a few hours and a little creativity. Here’s how to make one. First, choose your template: MailChimp, Canva, etc. Then, create your hook. Address the problem your product will solve to get to the point right away. Then, either explain more about the product or introduce yourself. Finally, direct them to your site. Your page should be a page or two, minimal words, and a couple of graphics. By minimal words, we mean either one moderate-length paragraph or 2-3 short paragraphs. Focus on the highlights of your product/service. Don’t forget to provide your contact info or ask for theirs.


Why Make A Landing Page?

Landing pages are important for marketing your product/service. It provides a short and sweet what, how, and why (should we care) about your business. Since this page is your brochure, it gives viewers an incentive to go to your site and buy your product. It’s an effective advertisement strategy, as landing pages can be published on various online platforms. Let us know if you want to try it out!


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