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Using Discord for Brand Marketing: Tips and Tricks


Discord is a platform that is popular among gamers. However, it has also become popular among other people as well. Users interested in everything from music to politics have developed communities on Discord. These are communities that could be consumers for your business as well. For that reason, why not consider marketing your business on Discord?

Discord: What is it?

Discord is a chat platform that operates in real-time. You can find everyone from gamers to influencers, and even just fans, active on the platform. Users on Discord have the ability to join various servers. They can do so through invites that are exclusive to those servers. This allows users to interact with other members of their community through dedicated servers.

In this way, you can create separate channels for your business as well. You can assign one channel to your management, while the production gets another channel of their own. This allows your employees to connect with each other whenever needed through dedicated servers.

What are the benefits your business can experience through Discord?

There are several benefits your business can look forward to, should you start using Discord. They include:

1. Get better control over users

You don’t have to worry about your channel being flooded with spambots or trolls since an exclusive invite is needed in order to join. Server administrators also have the ability to ban members, as well as delete messages. They can also assign moderators.

2. Faster than emails

Emails are necessary, but there are times when you may have forgotten to send an instruction. Or mails mag also get lost among flocks of mails. During these times, Discord can be the perfect lifesaver.

3. No need to worry about algorithms

Essentially, Discord is a chat messaging service. No algorithms are at play when it comes to this platform. So whatever you post, from company announcements to event invites, will be available chronologically. This means that none of your announcements will be lost.

Marketing your business using Discord

Here are five ways you can market your business using Discord:

1. Create a community that is moderated

Aside from using Discord to communicate internally, you can also use the platform to create a server for social discussions. Depending on who your target audience is and what they enjoy talking about, you can create different servers. Then, simply sit back and watch the bond.

When your community starts to grow, the popularity of your business will grow as well. This is as word of mouth marketing is still one of the most powerful marketing tools.

2. Find channels with like-minded people

You should also consider meeting like-minded people in different Discord channels. Finding servers relevant to your business interests shouldn’t be hard. When you find groups that match your needs, join them. This allows you to network with other business owners, and you can look for opportunities to collaborate as well.

This also enables you to expand your target audience by finding other consumers who may be interested in your products or services.

3. Share content relevant to your business

Discord can be used to share articles related to your business and industry. Remember that all your employees within your Discord server are connected to each other. Consider leveraging the presence they have on social media. Get them to share your articles on other Discord servers. They can also share your articles on their personal social media profiles.

The more industry-relevant content you share, the easier it will be for your brand to develop authority on these platforms.

4. Visual content

Posting memes, funny screenshots, and even GIFs can also be an effective way to market your business. Consider designing memes and other shareable content related to your business. When you then share such content, you’ll find that more people are sharing that in turn. This allows you to generate brand awareness and market your brand.

5. Provide faster customer service

You can create a dedicated Discord server that is used to deal with complaints from consumers. Consumers usually want fast service, so having a server dedicated to addressing their problems can better enable you to provide faster service. You can also do so in real-time. You’ll have the ability to send direct messages to members and can also have private conversations with them as well.


Discord can be a useful social media platform where you can not only share content with your employees but consumers as well. Use these tips to market your business through Discord, and expand your target audience while providing better service.

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