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Top Social Media Marketing Trends in 2023


Just like SEO, social media is constantly evolving. New apps and trends are emerging now and then. With so much happening, it can be difficult for businesses to know the best way to market their products or services on social media. The solution is to keep up with the latest trends in social media. Here, we’ve rounded up the top 5 social media marketing trends for 2023 that you need to focus on to stay ahead of the curve.

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Trends In 2023

Rise Of Short-Form Video Content

Short-form video content has gained popularity among consumers in recent years. This popularity will continue to rise in 2023 as well. The reasons for its popularity are: they are engaging and are more easily digestible than the longer form of videos. These videos are concise and can be easily watchable on the go.

According to statistics, 73% of consumers prefer to learn about a product or service through short-form videos. This means consumers want short-form videos and businesses that invest in these types of videos are bound to gain in followers and customers. Therefore, it becomes important for businesses to incorporate short-form videos while devising their social media marketing strategies.

Brands Are Leveraging User-Generated Content Creators

There is no doubt that user-generated content has been and still is the most powerful tool in social media marketing. A user-generated content by definition means content generated by a brand’s followers or customers which the brand later shares on its social media accounts. This time around, the UGC strategy has been slightly altered. Meaning, brands are hiring freelance social media creators to create UGC-style content for their social media accounts. This trend will continue in 2023 as well. This approach is advantageous to both brands and creators. Brands with small social media teams will get engaging content at a lower price. On the other hand, creators can earn money without creating a large following.

Focus On Platform Specific Content

The resharing of the same content on multiple social media platforms will not work in 2023. Each platform has its unique set of audiences and resharing the same content may not engage the audiences that have a different set of requirements. Going forward, the idle way to engage audiences of different social media platforms is by tailoring content focused on the specific needs of those audiences. By doing so, you will meet the expectations of the audience and in return, achieve the results that you are expecting.

Social Media Marketers Will Increase Their Investments In Instagram In 2023

According to social media marketers, Instagram will see exponential growth in 2023. Why? This is because Instagram ranks number one in ROI, engagement, and quality leads. In addition to this, Instagram is considered to have the most accurate algorithm among all other social media platforms. Having an accurate algorithm means that businesses can have a better reach to their target audiences.

In 2023, there will be an increase in companies investing in Instagram over other platforms. If you haven’t still incorporated Instagram into your social media marketing strategy, invest in the platform as early as possible.

Businesses Will Focus On The First-Party Data

Third-party cookies were tools that were used to track the activity of users on the internet. Based on their activity, businesses used to serve personalized ads to the users. Unfortunately, Google is planning to phase out third-party cookies (not all cookies) from Chrome in 2024. Since third-party cookies will not be available from 2024, businesses will have to start relying on first-party data from now itself.

First-party data is the data collected directly from the customers and not through third-party cookies. The data is collected by using various means like collecting customers’ email addresses in exchange for a piece of content or collecting personal data via a community group. A social media community group is the best way to collect customers’ data because it allows businesses to directly connect with the audience and share news about products, discounts, and promotions directly. No third player is involved.

If you are relying on third-party cookies to promote your products or services, it is the right time to change the strategy. Focus on first-hand data for promotions.

In Conclusion

To get the better of social media marketing, businesses need to keep up with the latest trends happening in social media marketing. In 2023, the above trends are the top social media marketing trends that you need to focus on to be ahead of your competitors.

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