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iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 and iOS 15.0.2


The iPhone 13 came out in September 2021. Now that it’s been out for about a month now, we have an idea of what it’s like. Read on to see what the new iPhone 13 and iOS 15.0.2 is like.

 iPhone 13

Despite the chip shortage, the iPhone 13 still came out as scheduled. While it is still similar to its older sibling, there are some changes as always. And, there’s a brand new feature: iMovie. Because vlogging is trending, Apple makes it easy for the everyday vlogger to capture their life in HD. Also, it’s perfect for small business owners to produce ads for their businesses. You can edit, add text (like title and credits) and other cool effects. So, in order to make high-quality videos and movies, the iPhone 13 has to have a good camera. Introducing Night Mode camera- no more bright flash and still-dark background. Another notable feature is the ceramic shield, so Samsung people no longer can go after iPhones for shattering so easily. Apple was not affected by the chip shortage because they have their own A15 Bionic chip.

iOS 15.0.2

Along with the iPhone 13, iOS 15.0.2 is now available. It precedes the iOS 15, which was designed for the newest iPhone. So, now all the bugs have been worked out with the 2nd iOS 15. Specifically, there was an iMessage bug and 15.0.2 is the bug spray. Now, when you pull up the Internet, whether it be Safari or Google Chrome, the tabs are panels so you can see the page easier. This also allows for widget-friendly pages. So, if you have a website that you need to stay on top of, this is ideal.

The standard size is 6.1″ and the mini is 5.4″. There are 5 color options to choose from now that you don’t need a case that covers up your smooth & sleek iPhone. They start at the usual $1,000. Check out the official deets on the Apple page for more information. As always, feel free to share your thoughts and reviews- we’d love to hear from you!


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