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The Gaining Popularity of SEO Automation


Visibility is everything in today’s era of digital hyperactivity and impatience. Most people do not have the time to scroll to the second page of Google search when looking for something. So, for your business to be successful, it is desirable to have a high Google search ranking. SEO helps you here but this process is labor and capital-intensive. And if you are seeing no results for a long time, it can even feel like a wasted investment. This is where SEO automation comes into the picture.

Definition of SEO automation

Automation in SEO or SEO automation is the technique of partially or fully automating processes and tasks connected to SEO. The aim of SEO is to increase both the number and quality of online traffic from search engines, particularly Google. SEO specialists use on-page, off-page, and technical SEO to increase search rankings. Many of these tasks are monotonous and time-consuming when done manually. Automation is an efficient and easy way to keep track of your website’s ranking, competitor performance, backlink analysis, and similar SEO tasks. However, it is important to remember that not all SEO-related tasks can be automated.

How does SEO automation work?

The first step of SEO automation is data collection. All relevant information needed for SEO is collected from your website and that of your competitors. The SEO automation tools then analyze this data, eliminates unnecessary details, and make recommendations for your SEO strategy.

SEO sections you can automate

Many SEO processes can be automated partially or fully. You can automate basic technical, social media, and on-page SEO using different automation tools. Some SEO sections you can automate include:

Website Monitoring

Simply building a website is not enough. You have to regularly track different website elements to understand how your site will rank in a Google search. This includes load time, page structure, broken links, and image optimization. Your SERP rank will drop if one or more of these factors fail to meet the search engine requirements. Manually doing this can be time-consuming. You can keep track of all these metrics in one place using automation.

Competitor Monitoring

The digital business landscape is rife with competition, and it is challenging to hold your search rankings. The aim of SEO campaigns should be to outperform your competitors. But since a business can have hundreds of competitors, it is difficult to keep track of each of them manually. However, by automating competitor monitoring, you can easily identify your rivals and develop strategies for outranking them.

Rank tracking

Increasing your search ranking is the primary goal of every SEO strategy. If you have multiple pages on your website, tracking the position of each page manually is not feasible. It becomes even more complicated as you keep adding pages. Automation tools can monitor your old and new pages and track their rankings.

Backlink analysis

Backlinks play a crucial role in increasing the authority and credibility of a site. It is important to make sure that your page is receiving good-quality links. This can be achieved by monitoring your backlink profile. But keeping track of every backlink you have acquired for each page of your website will take up a lot of effort and time. You can accelerate and simplify this process by automation.

Benefits of SEO Automation

Automating your SEO tasks has numerous advantages. One of the most obvious benefits is the reduced human work needed to implement your SEO strategies. The different benefits you can enjoy through SEO automation are:

Gathers powerful data

Having access to data is highly important to make smart business choices. SEO automation helps you to acquire key relevant data that might be challenging to obtain yourself. Tasks like keyword monitoring become easy with automation. SEO automation also provides vital information about Domain Authority(DA), which influences website authority. Monitoring backlinks with automation will help you raise your domain authority.

Minimizes team burnout

Manually performing SEO tasks can lead to employee burnout and a reduction in overall productivity. Automating SEO tasks can reduce the workload of your employees and improve their morale. This can positively impact their creativity.

Enables scaling

In both small enterprises and startups, scaling is an important subject. Scaling SEO is difficult since it requires a lot of manpower. But automation can make this process smooth and doable for an existing team.


SEO automation is an indispensable tool for any business looking to eliminate the need for humans to perform repetitive or taxing tasks. Automating SEO makes developing and implementing SEO strategies easier. It also enables you to maximize the performance of your staff and have an edge over your competitors.

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