Texas and Winter Weather Are Not Compatible

On Friday and Saturday of February 12 & 13, temperatures dropped all over Texas. Texans everywhere rushed out to stock up and prepare, and HEB was just as packed as the day before Thanksgiving. But Texans had never faced such frigid conditions, so they had no idea what was to come. Now, power companies are overwhelmed. Here’s how energy sources fared in the Lone Star State.

Couldn’t Stand The Weather

In this state, the heater comes on when outside temperatures dip below 70. The cold front started coming in on Friday, with the ice arriving on Saturday. The trouble began on Valentine’s Day, when the snow brought record-breaking freezing temperatures. Texans cranked the heater up. This overwhelmed cities’ power systems. Those who have gas systems were the only ones with consistent heat. All major cities, especially those in the southern TX half, had to roll power throughout the city. On Monday, the power came on and off for about 30 minutes at a time while each grid took a turn. 4 million Texans had no power at all. As Monday night pressed on, the gap between active power widened, and the power would only be on for a couple of minutes.
Additionally, CPS urged everyone to conserve as much power as possible. They suggested keeping the thermostat on 68, unplugging all unused appliances, and turn off all unused lights.

Another problem Texas faced is everything freezing up. Hundreds of pipes froze and broke open. Even wind turbines froze and stopped turning. Now, there’s no running water as well as electricity. Frozen phone lines cut off cell service. Lastly, stay off of Texas roads when it snows and ices over. On Saturday morning, there was a 100-car pile up on I35 in Fort Worth.

When it freezes in Texas, the whole state shuts down. Power has to evenly distribute accordingly for the city, pipes freeze and break open, cars go all over the road. But, at least nearly all Texans had Monday off due to the snow. Hopefully the state will learn from this past weekend and be better prepared if this happens again. If you live in Texas, let us know what your artcic experience was like.
Stay warm and stay safe! Please keep your animals warm and safe as well.


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gray Nest thermostat displaying at 63

Tips on Saving Energy in the Winter

As the temperatures drop, the heater turns up. Here are some tips on saving energy during the winter months.

snow covered plant and road in front of cafeAlbeit, it is easier to save on energy during the summer because you can use the heat to your advantage, such as drying clothes. However, it’s harder to do so in the winter, especially if you’re cold all the time (like me). But, now is the time to enjoy cozy sweaters!


 The Heater

There’s a reason why dads are finnicky about the thermostat. After all, it’s the biggest contributor to your electric bill. Here are some ways you can save that heater from running all the time without freezing yourself.

  • If you live in the southern US, then chances are you may not need your air on every day. Try turning off the air (or put it on 70) on a warmer winter day then turn the heater back on at night.
  • Turn it down at night. As you build up body heat through the night, your cooler house will keep you from waking up in sweat. I like it at around 71 or 72, however some like it at 67!
  • Socks. Most of your body heat escapes through your feet. A good pair of socks will help retain that heat, keeping you warm.
  • Turn it down when cooking. The stove/ oven puts out a lot of heat so your heater doesn’t have to.


Other Appliances

If it’s a warmer day, use it to your advantage. When you dry clothes, dry them most of the way then let air-dry. Insulate thin windows or those with drafts to keep the cold air out. However, on a sunny day, keep the blinds open to let the sun’s heat in. Also, consider using energy-efficient holiday lights. Cover outside faucets, fireplace (when not in use) and outside vents.


white and brown pine leaf and dried leaf

We hope this post inspires you to be more energy conscious. Saving energy can help your bills and the environment. And, it will also save your AC/heater unit some strain, making it last longer. Thanks for reading! If you’d like to find more energy-saving tips, check out this article.


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