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How Therapeutic Psychedelics Can Drive Well-being

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Psychedelic-assisted therapy refers to the use of psychedelic substances as part of psychotherapy. Therapeutic psychedelics are drugs that induce a heightened state of self-awareness in patients. Used in combination with other therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy and talking therapy, psychedelic therapy can create mind-altering effects in patients. The consciousness-altering effects of psychedelic substances are […]

How Doctors Are Using LSD as a Therapeutic Treatment for Psychiatric Conditions

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LSD or lysergic acid diethylamide was considered therapeutic psychedelics and was subjected to exhaustive experimentation in the 1960s since it was believed to have the potential to be a useful drug. But since it was banned shortly after all the research, advertising and marketing relating to LSD as a drug also had stopped. In recent […]

How do Psychedelics Treat Depression?

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Psychedelic treatment is used when depression fails to respond to traditional medication. Psychedelic therapy involves the use of plant ingredients that can induce psychedelic effects such as hallucinations. These plant compounds are commonly derived from a fungi group of plants called magic mushrooms. Doctors may prescribe psychedelic treatment as a stand-alone treatment or combine it […]

Delic Psychedelic Wellness Event

Meet Delic Psychedelic Wellness Event 2021

Here, there’s no fear nor loathing in Las Vegas- only happiness and wellness. On November 6th and 7th, you can learn about psychedelics becoming FDA-approved medicine at Delic Wellness Event. At this event, there will be various speakers: doctors, psychologists, activists, etc. Redwood Creative’s top men Clif Haley and Carson Barker, will attend both days. […]

Psychedelics Therapy is Becoming More Popular

In our last article, we discussed how psychedelics therapy is on the move towards legalization. Here in the United States, it is still federally illegal. But, psychedelics are gaining attention across the globe. Other countries, such as Isreal, are making way for psychedelic therapy to be more legal and accessible. Read on about psychedelics’ trip […]

Psychedelics’ Big Breakthrough

Globally, we are experiencing a shift to all-natural products. This includes food, soap, cleaning products, and much more. Now, we are picking up on all-natural medicine. Starting with CBD and THC, we are also seeing psilocybin mushrooms and other psychedelics as a replacement for pharma drugs. Read on to see how. Psychedelics Medicine Psychedelic research […]

Pharmaceutical vs. Psychedelic Drugs

Whenever we get a headache, we take aspirin. Or, whenever we’re stressed and overwhelmed, we down an adult beverage or pop a Xanax. But, what if I told you that there’s a better way? An alternative that is better for you? Recently, it’s come to light that psychedelic and plant-based medicines are rising above pharmaceutical […]



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