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How Therapeutic Psychedelics Can Drive Well-being

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Psychedelic-assisted therapy refers to the use of psychedelic substances as part of psychotherapy. Therapeutic psychedelics are drugs that induce a heightened state of self-awareness in patients. Used in combination with other therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy and talking therapy, psychedelic therapy can create mind-altering effects in patients. The consciousness-altering effects of psychedelic substances are […]

Psychedelics’ Big Breakthrough

Globally, we are experiencing a shift to all-natural products. This includes food, soap, cleaning products, and much more. Now, we are picking up on all-natural medicine. Starting with CBD and THC, we are also seeing psilocybin mushrooms and other psychedelics as a replacement for pharma drugs. Read on to see how. Psychedelics Medicine Psychedelic research […]



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