Normalizing CBD as Medicine

It’s 2021, and we now know that cannabis can do more good than harm. One component of cannabis, cannabidoil, or CBD, contains several medicinal and therapeutic properties. Since it contains little to no THC, which creates the “high”, cannabidoil is safe for everyone. The best part? You can never overdose on cannabis.


CBD Medicine

There’s a reason why you see CBD shops popping up left and right and why people are fighting to legalize the plant. Much like how a glass of wine or a beer can help someone unwind after a long day, cannabidoil can do the same. Better yet, it does not have the negative side effects that alcohol does. Cannabis can help you relax, take the stress off your shoulders, and can balance out emotions. It can help with depression and anxiety, as it aids serotonin production (especially if it contains traces of THC). So, aside from mood-boosting, it can also be a sleep and appetite booster. Don’t worry; it won’t give you the munchies and tempt you to eat everything on the Taco Bell menu. It’s more for if your depression/anxiety suppresses your appetite, then CBD lifts those restrictions. Ladies: melatonin will cancel out your birth control pill. Not to worry, cannabis works just as well, if not better.

Cannabis can also help relieve muscle/joint pains and soreness, arthritis, and even menstrual cramps.  Experts highly recommend that after a physically taxing day, take a CDB bath. It comes in an oil form so you can apply it directly onto affected areas.  Although research is still being conducted about this, so far it looks like cannabis can stop seizures.

It seems like cannabis can do it all! The plant improves mood, sleep, appetite, stress relief, and curbs body pains. Aside from minor dehydration, there are no negative side effects. Routinely using cannabidoil for medicinal purposes will have you well rested, free of pain, and happy. It is also safe enough for canine consumption for senior dogs with arthritis.

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