Biden and His Plan for Electric Cars

In the future, there will be more electric cars than gas-powered ones. President Biden, in his efforts to transition to emission-free cars, is pushing to electrify vehicles. Here’s his plan and the progress made so far.

 Biden’s Electric Cars

The Plan

Due to harmful CO2 emissions, Biden is calling for the end of petrol-powered vehicles. This will happen under the American Jobs Plan. Supposedly, in the next ten years, there will be half a million EV chargers. Major vehicle manufacturers are feeling pressured to switch to electric. Overall, the plan will cost over $100 billion. It is not limited to just everyday sedans and trucks: delivery vehicles and school buses (Clean Buses for Kids Program) are included, too. Right now, Asian countries like Japan are the leading countries for electric transportation. Tesla and General Motors are already rolling out EVs. Biden hopes for the U.S to be able to manufacture electric cars domestically. In order to encourage Americans to purchase EVs, he will offer rebates and tax incentives.

Progress Status

Right now, the plan is waiting to pass through Congress. While our senators are likely going to have to have to compromise on some aspects. After that, then the government will fund domestic electric vehicle manufacturing, including charging stations. Then, by driving up gas prices yet lowering EV prices will be deciding factors in upcoming car purchases. Even if this bill doesn’t pass, a similar one will. However, electric cars are in the making. Also, Biden is partnering up with a multi-million dollar electric car company to be his energy secretary. By doing so, he hopes to have more of an influence to push his green energy plan. Either way, Biden will see more electric cars in the future. We will have to wait and see how this goes.

What do you think about electric cars? Would you own one? Let us know in the comments!


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