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Cobalt Mining For Electric Vehicles

We now know that electric cars are coming very soon to our future lives. In fact, there are some electric cars on the road already. However, there’s been some talk about cobalt mining for electric vehicle manufacturing. What’s all this about? Cobalt Mining As a nation, we are transitioning from fossil fuel-powered cars to electric […]

Biden and His Plan for Electric Cars

In the future, there will be more electric cars than gas-powered ones. President Biden, in his efforts to transition to emission-free cars, is pushing to electrify vehicles. Here’s his plan and the progress made so far.  Biden’s Electric Cars The Plan Due to harmful CO2 emissions, Biden is calling for the end of petrol-powered vehicles. […]

Electric Cars: How Do They Work?

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Today’s automobile technology and engineering is impressive. Specifically, electric cars and how they work. From the first experience with electric automobiles in the 1800’s, here’s how electric cars work today. Hybrids: Gas and Electric First, electric cars use different types of batteries. This depends on if the car is hybrid or purely electric. Hybrids use […]



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