The Dell Company: Who They Are

The Dell Company has been around for quite a long time since 1985, to be exact. Read about the history of Michael Dell and his work.


The Dell Company

Michael Dell was a freshman at the University of Texas in Austin in 1984 when he left to pursue his dreams. He released his first product in 1985 with the Limited Turbo PC. It contained a 10 MB hard drive and a 5.25″ floppy drive. That same year, he established his company, and he had a team to help with customer service. It didn’t take long for the company to find success. By 1986, they were unveiling the fastest PC yet at 12 MHz. Then, by 1987, they achieved international status. Next, jump forward to 1996, when was born. This helped their sales further, and they opened a second manufacturing plant in Texas. By 1997, their 10th million PC shipped. Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, they were the dominant computer company. By the end of the millennium, they had plants around the world. Here are some more details about Dell Co’s history. Their current headquarters are in Round Rock, TX.


Dell Products

Of course, Dell is still around and up there on the computer chain. They offer various products, such as computers, laptops, monitors, tablets, and electronic accessories. Their Inspiron laptops are currently rated around 4 stars. They’re affordable, so if you need a trusty laptop without breaking the bank, Dell is there for you. They also have 2-in-1 laptops for those who like the tablet feel. Dell has gaming PCs and the whole setup to go with it. Their best laptop is the Dell Inspiron 14 7000. Noted for their good battery life, WiFi 6, and Intel “Comet Lake” CPU. For gamers, check out the Alienware m15 R4.

Dell contributed to hardware and software computer engineering. Let us know what you think about Dell and your favorite products from them!

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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Most Convenient Laptops To Have

With all the different types of laptops out there, it’s hard to know which one to get. If you want something simple but practical, check out these convenient laptops below. These laptops will not exceed 14″, so they are easy to carry.

Reliable, Convenient Laptops

First, we have the Asus ZenBook Flip 13 UX363. It can hold 16 GB of memory, and a 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 Processor. Best with Windows 10 Pro for business. As the name suggests, it can turn around into a tablet form. Asus advertises it at nearly $900, but you can get it from Best Buy for $100 less.

Up next, here’s the Dell Inspiron 14 5000. Like the ZenBook Flip, it’s also a 2-in-1 laptop. This one features an 11th Generation Intel® Core™ i3-1115G4 Processor.  One common downfall of a smaller laptop is the lack of ports, but not this one. To help make it more travel-friendly, there are different performance modes. It can be yours for just $480.

For the 3rd option, there’s the Microsoft Surface Go 2. This one is smaller, at 10.5″. Also, it’s 4G compatible so you can still get work done in the car or wherever wifi is unavailable. Runs on an 8th Gen Intel Core m3 processor. It only weighs a whole 1.2 lbs. Try it out for $450.

Next, for those who prefer Chrome, check out the Lenovo Chromebook Duet. At 10.1″, this little thing is still capable of 128 GB of memory. It includes an octa-core processor. If you use G Suite, this would be an ideal laptop as it is best compatible with Google products. Available from Best Buy for $250.

Lastly, here’s the Acer TravelMate P6. This 14″ device is tougher than nails with its magnesium-alloy body. So, it’s built for those who tend to drop their stuff or if your laptop gets thrown around in airport luggage. It weighs 2.5 lbs. There are six different models of the TravelMate P6, ranging from $950-$2,000.

Image: Asus

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Laptops With The Best Keyboards

For those who spend their time typing, you need a laptop with a good keyboard. Bigger keys and a bigger keyboard helps you type more efficiently. It reduces the chance of typos and hitting multiple keys at once. Save time and frustration and check out these laptops with the best keyboards. To keep the blog concise, we left out other data information. All keyboards are backlit.

Typing-Friendly Keyboards

  • Asus Zenbook. With big keys and a 12″ keyboard on a 14″ laptop, typing is like a summer breeze. It’s a quiet keyboard, so you won’t disturb others around you. This very blog was typed on a Zenbook 14.
  • Asus is known for having great keyboards. So, it’s no surprise that the Asus Chromebook is also an excellent choice. There are several different variations of the Chromebook, such as Flip.
  • MacBooks, thanks to their agility, also offer satisfactory keyboards. However, keep in mind that many claim the older models have better keyboards.
  • Lenovo (made by Dell) Yoga 2-in-1 Ultrabook. If you want a nicer laptop with a solid keyboard, this is your next purchase then. Similar to the Zenbook and Macbook air, it has the lightness of a tablet but the keyboard is similar to Asus’ big keys.
  • Last but not least on this list is the HP Spectre x360. Not only are the keyboards nice, but so is the nearly borderless display. You can customize these laptops as well!

None of these are in a specific order. The most compatible laptop varies between each person. This is simply a list of laptops with best keyboards according to several different reviews. Let us know what you think of your laptop or what your next one will be!


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