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How To Create a Brand Podcast for Marketing

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Over the last few years, podcasts have exploded onto the media scene more strongly than ever. From true crime and celebrity life to news and author interviews, the categories of podcasts you can tune into are endless. Surely, something is pulling the audiences to plug their earphones in and devour content like never before. It […]

Emotional Storytelling is a Powerful Tool for Advertising

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Advertising can be a powerful medium through which you can relay brand stories to consumer audiences. Stories resonate with people more than statistics and data do. That’s why you’ll find many great ads have a story in them. This story helps people connect the brand with the story, and people are also more likely to […]

7 Common Mistakes Social Media Marketing Rookies Make

Social media is a crucial aspect of any company’s marketing strategy, and it’s not hard to understand why. For starters, there are 3.5 billion social media users, which accounts for approximately half of the planet. Furthermore, consumers are spending up to three hours a day on social media platforms. In other words, if your company is not […]



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