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Solar Energy Conferences Summer 2021


We at Redwood Creative are enthusiastic about solar power. You can only find so much information online. Therefore, these upcoming solar energy conferences this summer will teach you everything. From solar panel installation to financing panels, head to a conference this summer to learn more. Some of these will be general renewable energy conferences.


Solar Energy Conferences Summer 2021

June Conferences
  • Solar and Energy Storage Northeast will host both an in-person expo and an online educational session. The expo will be on June 9th and 10th in Boston. The online session will be on June 2nd & 3rd. Get your tickets while they are still $75 before they go to $100.
  • This one covers all types of renewable energy! On June 6th and 7th in San Francisco, CA, there will be an International Conference on Renewable and Sustainable Energy. You’ll need to bring a notepad to intake the vast information from this meeting.
  • The World Academy of Science, Engineering, and Technology will be hosting the International Conference on Concentrated Solar Power Systems. It will be on June 3rd and 4th in New York, NY. Scientists will get together and discuss photovoltaic engineering.
  • Head over to Custer, WI, for the 31st Annual Energy Fair on Friday, June 25th! Thousands of attendees go to learn more about clean and sustainable energy and find resources.
  • The city of Gaithersburg, Maryland, will have Maryland Solar 101 going on. It’ll be on Wednesday, June 6th. If you’re thinking about switching to solar, then you need to attend this event. It covers everything about home and small business solar. Find more details here.
July Conferences
  • Be a part of solar innovation and go to the Intersolar North America 2021 Expo. Solar companies will be there to network and share ideas and resources. It will be in San Diego on July 14 – 16. Also, check the site to make sure it does not get canceled.
  • ReTech Summit is coming to San Francisco on July 18th to present their Renewable Energy & Technology Event Series. It will cover corporate sourcing of renewable energy.
  • Then, on July 29 and 30, there will be an International Conference on Innovations in Energy Engineering & Cleaner Production in Silicon Valley, CA. Hear professionals discuss how to make sustainable energy even more sustainable.
  • If you’re interested in learning about solar power, recycling, and farming, then The Sustainability Summit is perfect for you! Learn more about this event in South Carolina here. Note: the flyer says 2020, but that’s because it was canceled last year. It will be on July 29, 2021.

Let us know if you went to any of these conferences or any other solar conferences!


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