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Social Media Tips To Freshen Your Posts

Facebook and Instagram have been around since 2009 and 2012, respectively. Chances are, you’ve probably had your profile for a while. Give your feed a new, 2021 touch with these social media tips.


 Social Media Tips

Naseem Buras’s photo on Unsplash

Food posts are still popular, though maybe not quite like before. Thanks to TikTok, texts on your photos are in. Give your exotic fish taco plate a better background with Canva. With Canva, you can make a special birthday post for a friend, or grab your followers’ attention when promoting. Start with a template, then customize. Options include changing color theme, a variety of fonts & text effects. You can add photo effects, such as giving it a more digital look.

Adding an artistic touch to your posts is nice and definitely gets attention and clicks. Urban Jungle can help you with that. With this photo editing app, you can add more life to your photos. Including a large variety of plant, animal, and other nature stickers. Then, use any tools to help blend everything together, such as brushes and shadowing. Top it off with filters and other color effects! Created by highly-reputable Elise Swopes, who created the app for social media posts.

To use high-quality, professional photos, check out Unsplash. This website has photos in every category, and it’s free! Don’t forget to credit the artist and landscape/model. You can use these photos on their own or build on them. Try changing out some photos on Canva templates with more relevant photos from Unsplash.

Finally, a good photo post starts with a quality photo. Check out the focus filters on your phone, such as the food focus and selective focus. Also, there’s an “edit” wand that perfects lighting and rids blemishes. Then, your photo will be prepped for further additions.


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