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Pros and Cons of Wind Power


As the U.S. plans to move from fossil fuels, we look towards wind and solar energy. Wind energy tends to be used on a larger scale, hence the fields of turbines throughout the western half of Texas. There are perks of wind energy, but also nothing can be perfect. Let’s look at the pros and cons of wind power.

Wind Power Pros

The most obvious advantage of wind energy is that the source is free and comes naturally, and is endless.  Therefore, this method doesn’t require electricity to make electricity. Because of this, wind turbines are more cost-efficient. Also, they’re a good source for backup power in case power plants fail. As mentioned, wind turbines usually are situated in large groups to light up a town. One turbine can power about 2,000 homes! However, farmers and ranchers can have their own turbine(s). If taken care of properly, a wind turbine can last 20-25 years. After, the shaft is taken apart and 90% of the components are recycled. The wind energy industry also provides jobs and opportunities for renewable energy research & development.

Wind Cons

Well… They’re big, so they’re not the most convenient tools. And, even windy climates have their still, heavy air days, so they may not always be spinning. When they are, sometimes birds fly into them. So, they can affect air-borne creatures’ population. They take up a lot of land space, but I think we can agree that we’d rather see wind turbines while driving into Port Aransas rather than urban development. After the turbine reaches the end of its life, the blades get sent to the landfill. However, GE is developing a plan to recycle the blades.

Did you know? A wind turbine is 262 feet high, and the blades are 120 feet long. Hopefully wind engineering only improves, and that GE finds a way to recycle blades. We support green energy!


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