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Passwords: Fingerprint or Facial Recognition?


Long gone are the days of writing down passwords (if you’re under 55). Now, there are many ways to log in to your Amazon or Facebook account with codes, facial recognition, two-step authentication factors, and more. Let’s dig into our transition from traditional password input to using our fingerprint to access our digital world. Also, we’ll talk about online credit card security.

Passwords, Face ID, and Fingerprint Scans

First, props to you if you still type in passwords for everything, and bonus points if you remember them. As of today, you can authenticate log-ins and purchases through a code sent to e-mails/push notifications, fingerprint scans, facial recognition, and security questions. But for today, we’ll talk about using fingerprints and face ID. Fingerprint scanning came first. On a surface level, this seems like a great idea. After all, only you have your fingerprint. Well, this blog argues otherwise- hackers can steal your fingerprint. This is not likely to happen, though. After all, it would take so much effort to re-create an average, everyday citizen’s fingerprint digitally. If you’re more high-profile, we suggest not using fingerprints as a log-in method. This could also apply to face ID. But, face ID is actually a little safer than the fingerprint method. Smartphone companies are working hard to improve their facial recognition technology, so phones can still read their users’ faces even with makeup and such. Currently, developers are working on iris biometrics, as this will be more secure and convenient.

While we’re on the subject: are Google-curated passwords secure? Yes, but if someone hacks into your Gmail account (which doesn’t happen often), then all your accounts are an open book. While fingerprints, web-saved passcodes, and Face ID are nice, we shouldn’t swap convenience for security. So, check out Cnet to select a password manager to keep you and your accounts online safe!


Feel free to pass along any online security tips you may have. Otherwise, Redwood Creative is always here for marketing assistance!

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