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Make Your Mobile Video Ads a Raging Success With These Tips


Mobile content consumption is doubling by the year. Studies show that people are 1.5X more likely to view your video advertisements through their smartphones compared to laptops and other traditional mediums.

Considering this, it is safe to say that mobile video ads are pretty important for businesses. In this article, we explore a few ways in which you can make your video ad campaigns for mobile a roaring success.

Seven things to do to create compelling mobile video ads

1. Keep your videos under 15 seconds

People love to scroll and swipe on their mobile content. Especially if this content is on a social media platform. That’s why your mobile video ad needs to be short and to the point. Ideally, it should be 15 seconds or under to make sure that your audience actually sees the entire advertisement.

2. Place your CTAs at the start of the ad

Most brands place their CTAs at the end of their video ads. This would be fine – provide your viewer actually watched your ad fully, start-to-finish. But if they don’t, your audience will miss out on your contact details, special offers, and other personal messaging. This is why it helps to have your CTA at the start of your ad. This CTA could be included in the ad copy as part of the story, or it could be a button or link that pops up while your ad is playing.

3. Make use of mobile-friendly ad templates

Tools like Canva have specific ad templates that are designed for mobile. Usually, the best mobile video ad templates are square and 4:5 vertical. These templates fit most social media ad templates. Even YouTube’s new Shorts feature is compatible with these templates.

Choosing mobile-compatible templates can ensure that your video ads look good. They won’t be a mismatch for your screen size and will offer your audience a comfortable viewing experience. This is instrumental in ensuring that they stick around till the end of your video.

4. In-stream video ads can be very powerful for mobile shopping

Shopping ads have become one of the most powerful tools for brands on social media and ecommerce websites. But most shopping ads are static. What you need to use for your mobile video ad campaign is in-stream video ads.

These ads come either at the start, during, or at the end of a video. They allow audiences to receive your ad even if they aren’t actively looking for your brand. In fact, ever since YouTube’s paid subscription came into being, in-stream video ads have become incredibly helpful in pushing mobile ads onto viewers.

Plus, shopping ads are connected to the product listing, allowing you to click on the button/link on the screen that redirects you to their website. So, even if a viewer wasn’t consciously looking for you, there is a potential for a spur-of-the-moment engagement/conversion with your brand.

5.   Don’t rely too much on sound

Most people consume video content and video ads on mobile during the commute and while in the office. During travel time, many people tend to keep their phones either on mute or they’ll have their earphones plugged in. You don’t want your loud, audio-heavy video ad to assault their ears (or worse, disturb their neighbors).

Nothing turns people off a video/ad faster than noise. It’s important to reduce your dependence on audio when making video ads. We know this sounds strange. But, your video ad can be just as powerful when it is text-based or mostly with silent visuals or with very little audio. Plus, by not relying on the audio, you will make sure that viewers who have their phones on mute are still able to understand the essence of your video without the audio.

6. Make your ad content accessible

Your mobile video ads have to be disability-friendly and accessible. After all, your products and services are designed for a wide range of buyers. Having accessible advertisements can help you forge a trusted bond with audience members who appreciate this thoughtful gesture. Plus, such ads can increase the likelihood of conversion because of how friendly it is.

Some ways to make your mobile video ads accessible are –

  • Add closed captions to your ads for readability.
  • Provide multiple language captions for viewers from other countries.
  • Disable auto-play.
  • Don’t overdo the motion graphics and lighting.
  • Avoid high-contrast colors.
  • Use large font that is easily recognizable.
  • Let the physical gestures (or acting) be simple to understand.

7. Choose a creative angle that is different for mobile video ads compared to other video ads

The idea behind mobile video ads is to create a short, punchy, and quick message which can encourage viewers to explore your brand on other platforms. For example, your social media channel or your website. That’s why your mobile video ad content should be sharp and memorable.

Think one-liners rather than a skit. A single USP and not an entire paragraph of ad copy. An irresistible offer that they can learn about on your website and not the entire rulebook to a giveaway/contest. You get the gist.

Plus, it helps if you can make use of memes to get your point across. Your mobile video ad can be a meme, followed by a CTA. It’s that simple.

Wrapping up

Making mobile video ads need not be difficult or time-consuming. Apply the tips we have provided here and see how wonderfully your mobile video ads perform with your target audience.

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