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How To Write A Cover Letter

Almost every job/contract application requires a cover letter. It introduces you to the employer before they get to your qualifications. It covers who you are, your background, and how you got to where you are today. Here’s how to compose a job-winning introduction to your resume.


 How To Write A Cover Letter

First, start off with necessary information, such as contact information and address. Then, start with your basics: where you’re from, long-time interests, and hobbies. Also, don’t forget to note important skills, such as project management. This should be one short paragraph. Next, talk about your academics. You can transition from your intro to academics by noting your strongest subjects. Then, for the next paragraph, start by discussing your high school achievements. This will lead to talking about college/trade school. For this section, note any important classes and organizations. You could even mention a unique project that effectively instilled valuable information. Of course, don’t forget honors and awards! Next, discuss post-academics life. You don’t have to get specific, that’s what your resume is for. Just note field(s) you have experience in and skills you’ve gained.

 Letter Conclusion

Finally, wrap it up by explaining how everything in your letter qualifies you for the role. For example, explain how your best subject pushed you to pursue what you are going for. Next, let them know what your goals are. Then, end it by saying you look forward to working with the company. Use professional fonts and formatting. Your letter should be about a page long, and no more. Don’t forget to sign it at the bottom. You can sign off with “Thank you for your time,” or “I look forward to hearing from you.”

Indeed offers some tips on writing a cover letter here. Make sure you have one or two other people look over it as well.


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