silver iPhone 6s near cup and MacBook

How To Properly Clean Your Electronic Devices

It’s important to keep your electronic devices clean on a regular basis. Dirt, bacteria, and dust collect on the surface and in the device. Dirty surfaces can cause acne or illness. Interior dirt build-up can lead to technical problems. So, here’s how to actually clean your phone and other devices.

Sadly, wiping your shirt or sleeve on everything does not do the trick. But, you do have to be careful to not scratch surfaces or avoid putting harsh chemicals on your $1K device. Depending on how dirty your device is, get rid of excess dirt with a dry microfiber cloth first. Also, use soft items for wiping, and apply the solution to the cleaner first not the device. Anything stiff will scratch the screen.


Phones should be cleaned the most often. Every other day would be ideal, but once a week is okay. Use either 50-70% isopropyl alcohol to dampen a cotton ball or microfiber and go over the front and back. Since tablets are basically just bigger smartphones, this same method can apply. Take off your case and clean both case and device thoroughly.


Laptops can get surprisingly dirty. The culprit? Debris in the keyboard. Back in the day, I had a laptop where the fan stopped working due to dirt build-up. So it’s important to clean the inside and outside out thoroughly. For the exterior: Mix dish soap and water and dip into microfiber cloth, wringing out excess fluid. Wipe down entire surface. Wipe again with dry cloth. For the interior: check out these Wiki Steps or check out this YouTube tutorial.

We recommend using Clorox wipes for devices shared by the household: remote controls, microwave, door knobs, gaming controllers, ect. Pandemic or not, items that see several hands throughout the day should be sanitized. Also, make sure your device doesn’t get moisture damage. How often you clean electronic devices is up to you, but please wipe down that phone before you put it up to your face again!

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