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If you are concerned about Internet safety, then listen up. Did you know that Google can protect your data from hackers and the dark web? Thankfully, Google Safety Center will protect your password and other data. Read on about their online safety services.

Google Safety Center

Google promises to take your online security seriously. So, they offer password protection, built-in security to block malicious ads, and so forth. First, you should check out Password Manager. This will help you keep track of passwords on all of your accounts. From there, check to make sure that they are safe from online boogeymen with Password Check-up. Google will suggest strong passwords so you don’t have to use the same password for every site.

Next, data protection. With your permission, Google will forget any data that hasn’t been used in a long time. They also promise to keep information hidden from 3rd parties, unless you allow it. It is suggested to use Maps in Incognito mode so others can’t track you. With data encryption, data transferring and e-mails remain private. If you decide to use Google Pay because you lose/forget your real wallet, then you can trust your card to be stored on your phone. Hackers would have to go through a 3-step process to get to it, so that’s unlikely.

Google will also scan apps & websites for malicious activity before you proceed. This also includes phishing messages (such as e-mails). As someone who uses both Yahoo and Gmail, I can confirm that G-mail never allows suspicious e-mails to go to my primary inbox. Most importantly, Google offers options for security measures, so you can build the security network that works for you.

Online Safety

You can never be too safe on the Internet. Hackers weasel their way into accounts every day. Then, they take personal info & data and put it on the dark web. It is crucial to announce NOT to answer questions on social media like “Do you remember your first grade teachers name/ your first pet,” etc. These are often used as security questions. Here are some online safety tips for extra measures. Thank you and stay safe out there!


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