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Facebook Business Suite Tips


It’s not easy running a business, but thankfully Facebook Business Suite can help. If you know how to utilize it, you’ll be directing more traffic to your website. Your audience will likely see your FB Business Page before your actual website. So, here’s how to get them onto your page, then onto your website.

FB Business Suite makes it easier to manage your followers/customers, posts, comments, etc. Also, you can connect your Instagram business page to your Facebook business page, which we recommend doing. All activity from your Instagram page will show on your FB business suite.

Posting on Business Suite

If you do have an Instagram page linked to your FB page, then check the box for the post to automatically share on your Insta. This will save time. Then, write your caption and upload your video/photo. Facebook can be funny about posting GIFs, so avoid those unless necessary. Links cannot be embedded in the text, so they have to stand alone. Therefore, make sure your audience knows what the link is for. Whether you’re posting on Instagram or not, don’t forget your hashtags- they will help you with your reach. Now, most importantly: down at the bottom, click “optimal times’. This will show you when your followers are most active. Finish off your post by scheduling it to post during optimal times! It’s good to have your social media posts planned out so you can schedule them to post at optimal times.

Don’t forget you can boost your post. Typically, Facebook will offer $10 ad credit if you wait a couple hours after posting to boost it. You will get an e-mail and a notification of your ad credit.

Other Business Suite Tips

Inbox will help you manage comments on your posts and ads, and any Facebook messages. The same applies to the linked Insta account. Through Business Suite, it’s highly unlikely you’ll miss a comment or message from someone. Look at your post statistics under ‘posts and stories’. There, you can gauge how many people your post reached, as well as likes & comments. You can boost older post under this tab as well. Business Suite has all kinds of cool stuff- you can even link your Marketplace page onto the site. Have a look and see how Facebook Business Suite can help you reach and manage your audience!

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