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Effective Use of SEO in Social Media


Most businesses understand the important role played by SEO in the growth and expansion of their business. But very few businesses look towards social media as a potential marketing hotbed. Realizing and utilizing the marketing potential of social SEO can give a huge boost to your business.

The definition of Social Media SEO

Social SEO or social media SEO is the art of integrating SEO strategies with social media to improve your search engine rankings. Usually, in many companies, social media marketing and SEO strategies are designed and developed independently of each other by different departments. But businesses should realize that each of these techniques can not cover all possible tactics individually. But when worked in tandem, they can generate amazing results. You can use data-driven marketing strategies and weave social media and SEO into an integrated ecosystem. Such combined efforts can help increase conversions as well as boost your ROI.

Why social media doesn’t directly contribute to SEO

Our beloved search engine Google is the culprit in this case. Google does crawl and index pages from social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. But, it completely ignores social signals. While generating search rankings, it does not take into consideration social media aspects like likes, shares, and followers. This hinders any direct contribution of social media toward SEO. But, it plays a crucial indirect role in boosting your business.

Need to improve your social media strategy

The main aim of SEO is to increase your brand’s visibility and attract more people to your website organically. Social marketing is a bit different. It focuses on making the most out of available resources and on finding and getting found by relevant users. But both these strategies have overlapping targets, boosting your business and gaining new customers. Some of the reasons why you should double your efforts on social marketing to improve SEO results are:

  1. Publishing relevant content on social media platforms regularly is a must for the success of content marketing campaigns. When your posts are relevant enough, people can easily find them while searching for similar topics.
  2. The authority and credibility of your website are very important in SEO. This means that to have a better ranking possibility, your page should have a higher value. Publishing outstanding content and gaining relevant backlinks can help increase the authority of your web page. Social media platforms will help you a lot in achieving impressive backlinks.
  3. Social media is made up of real people. This means all the feedback you receive can be implemented to transform your business in a way that gains you more customers.

Ways in which social media helps SEO

There are several ways in which social media helps SEO. Some of them are:

Getting quality links

One of the major factors that influence Google search rankings is backlinks. The quantity and quality of the backlinks are important in this case. Increasing your efforts on social media may help you gain more relevant and quality backlinks. When your social media posts get more likes and shares, influencers and bloggers will notice you. This will be a good boost for business.

Building strong following

Creating a good product alone will not guarantee the success of your business. A business will be successful only when the target audience knows about your product and is willing to buy it. Try to create a strong following on social media by posting unique and eye-catching content. You should also be able to gauge what your audience wants and create content accordingly.

Utilize local search

Local SEO is a powerful tool for small and medium-sized businesses. Tap into your potential local customers as a means to boost business.

Social SEO tricks to implement today

You can use some social SEO tricks to increase your search rankings:

  1. You should make your profiles on social media platforms as descriptive as possible. Give detailed information about your business by using relevant words that best describe your brand. Add your complete address along with your zip code to optimize your page for local searches. Also include links to your company’s website from your social media pages and vice-versa.
  2. Link building is extremely crucial in SEO. Try to gain quality inbound and outbound links by creating relevant and unique content.
  3. Pinterest is a great platform for enhancing keyword strategy and link building. You can increase your visibility by creating a business account on this platform.
  4. Creating a Google+ Business Page is a good technique to end up on Google’s search results. You can set up the account in a few minutes. Make sure to give a detailed description of your business in the ‘About’ section. You can also give links to your website and social media accounts.

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