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CBD Gift Ideas 2021


Still don’t know what to get for your friend/sibling/fur babies this month? Here’s an idea that doesn’t always make it on the list- CBD gift! CBD comes in different strengths and forms and can be eaten, applied on the skin, and more. So, there’s something for everyone.

CBD Gift Ideas

  • Lotion. Hemps lotion is hydrating without feeling slimy. Plus, Bath and Body Works lotion is overdone and the giftee probably already has too many of them. Get it on Amazon or at Walgreens/CVS. You can also find homemade CBD lotion at your local market and shops.
  • Topical oil or aromatherapy oil. Muscle pain or have a headache? Check out CBD oil. Either apply directly onto the sore area. Or, get some for your oil diffuser to create a relaxing home.
  • Edible treats. Holiday treats are always tempting. But, these won’t leave you feeling sugared out- you will feel mellowed out instead.
  • Know someone who is trying to give up cigarettes? Have them swap nasty tobacco (and other chemicals) cigarettes for a pure, all-natural CBD cigarette instead. Or, try these patches. Tobacco merely suppresses the stress, CBD kills the stress.
  • Bath bombs. If you’re going to gift bath bombs, make sure they’ll do the job. Most just simply make your bath smell good and offer a few minutes of fizzy fun. Gift a bath bomb that will not only make the bath smell nice, but also work into those sore muscles and slow down the busiest minds. Bonus- the really good ones are moisturizing too, so the giftee (or you) can skip the lotion.

Not only are these CBD gift ideas unique, but they’re also better than most chemical and non-eco-friendly alternatives. On that note, make sure that you shop eco-consciously: minimize plastic packaging, and ditch the harmful corporate chemicals. Remember to support your local, small businesses. CBD will be sure to make the holidays merry, indeed!

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