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5 Tips for Creating Personalized Ad Copy for Your Marketing Campaigns


Have you ever found yourself clicking on an advertisement that popped up while you were on Facebook/Instagram just because it felt like “it was made for you”?

Well, personalized advertisements can be very compelling, with 88% of US advertisers and marketers noting a marked improvement in marketing success due to the personalization of ads. Plus, if they receive personalized offers instead of cookie-cutter promotions, they are more open to sharing personal information to initiate contact with brands. 46% of Baby Boomers, 58% of Gen Xers, and 63% of millennials have confirmed so in a research study.

Given such promising results, you may be very excited to get a few actionable tips on how you can start personalizing your ad copy. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our top 5 tips for ad copy personalization:

1. Use personal information that doesn’t make your brand feel invasive

People may be okay seeing your brand advertise to them using your name or even their geographic location in the copy. But they won’t be as happy if you, say, talk about the medical diagnosis they just received from their doctor. Even if the product you’re selling is related to the personalized message (ex: insurance or medicine), such intimate information can be downright creepy.

The key to creating a personalized ad copy is to divide the personal details available to you into “Can Use” and “Avoid” piles. Typically, information that is more publicly available on their bio/profile across channels is acceptable since that’s information they want the world to know about them. This includes academic qualification, job/role, hobbies, tastes, etc.

If you want to use more intimate/personal details to customize the ads for them, invite the prospect to share the details themselves. That way, you have their consent to use this information to create customized ad copy and offers.

2. Give your prospect a reason to peruse your ad

Tools that allow you to collect landing page metrics, ad metrics and app activity metrics help you figure out the exact steps your prospects may have taken when they interacted with your marketing material. You can use this information to send your prospect a personalized ad copy that is based on their previous action. In fact, cart reminder ads are a great example of this technique.

Even when you don’t have access to deep metrics of this individual prospect, you can analyze the psychographic and demographic characteristics of the customer avatar the prospect falls under. This can help you create as close a personalized ad copy as you can.

3. Choose the correct channels for retargeting your ads and amend the copy accordingly

Marketing tools allow brands to track where prospects access your marketing content from, how frequently they visit a particular social media platform and how often they see and click on your ads. Use this information to make sure you don’t overwhelm them with a constant barrage of ads every day on the same platforms.

Create a schedule where your ad is visible to your prospect just once a day, on a different channel each day. Use ad copies of different formats to draw their attention. Using the same format may get your prospect so used to seeing your ad, that it may not register with them consciously. Instead, using different, channel-specific ad formats ensure there is a surprise awaiting your prospect when they log in to their social media channel.

4. Make your ads interactive

Did you know that you can use interactive elements like quizzes in Facebook lead ads? Interactive elements make it worth the prospect’s while to engage with your brand. You can design the quizzes in such a way as to share personalized product/service recommendations with them at the end of the quiz. Your ad copy can draw attention to how the quiz results speak of certain personality or lifestyle traits of the prospect and how choosing the brand’s product/service can help the prospect.

In fact, the process of participating in the quiz can help your prospects feel as though they have co-created the solution with you. This can make them more willing to try out and even purchase your product.

5. Use AI to learn about the prospect’s unique buyer’s journey

Personalization of ad copy works wonders when it is made available to the prospect at the right time. Otherwise, it just falls flat. So, the best thing to do is for brands to use AI to predict the way the prospect’s buyer journey may progress.

By collating their brand interaction data and using AI to analyze the buyer’s potential intent and predicted next steps, you can develop and personalize ad content that’s ready for publishing at the right time.

Wrapping up

Personalized ad copy can help you supercharge your marketing efforts. Try these tips out today and experience the marked change in your engagement with prospective buyers.


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